17 July 2006

what is this strange place? who are these strange people?

i'm scared.


house and blog seems to have gone through an 18 day 'extreme makeover'. hmmm, i think i like it. different. unusual. hello?

i was going to write about my travels through Centralia, and how i've grown and matured and have an entire new perspective on life. but they seem kind of distant and irrelevant compared to the changes taking place at home.

like - who is this strange boy sleeping in our sunroom?

first impressions: kinda cute, kinda country. we watched a bit of 'Bowling for Columbine' on telly and he expressed nicely moderate views on Michael Moore (ie, good sentiment, but too many sweeping generalisations and farfetched juxtapositions to be effective). he also told me about wanting to swap into arts at uni to broaden his 'scope' and planning on travelling next year and going to Byron this weekend for Splender. ten points for Emo. but he also told me about getting rid of all his STUFF (he only has one garbage bag worth of stuff left) because it made him feel burdened and he wants to be a free spirit. so i'm worried we might have an existential crisis on our hands.

anyway, i like him.
but i did hear you Mars yelling at him this morning, so maybe there’s another story there?


Mars said...

I'm not a strange people!

Adam said...

Then what's that growing on your neck?

On another other note, welcome back Dot i'm glad you're heaps more mature/here.

I would like to take this opportunity to declare Monday the 17th of July as Snow Day, the funnest day of the year!

Oh yeah, I should declare it as Mars is the Bestest Interviewee Day!

DelightfulJen said...

Hello Dot, I don't think I have commented on one of your blogs before!

I am very curious about what Mars has to say, especially if she has been shouting :D

Mars said...

Well where's my interview post then Ads-man? Hurry up and post it and i will give you a 'shout out' Steph style.