23 July 2006

So i guess the angsty Emo might be affecting us here at Dot'n'Mars HQ... Me with my "i'm important too!" la la.. and Dot with the down-sizing of all her worldly possessions.
Free Spirit
That's right, you heard it. Dot has been down-sizing. I doubt it will get to the extent of only owning two garbage bags and one blue, red and white stripey bag full of things like Emo... but it's good to see the hoarder of anything with 'sentimental value' get rid of a thing or two. Yesterday it was on, and she did very well to get rid of about five bags of clothes.

I guess because Dot has pretty much lived in the same place her entire life... it has been easy for her to stash stuff. Whereas i have moved around a fair bit, so i cull frequently!

Anyway, i noticed yesterday as i was helping Dot decide what was worth keeping and what she should get rid of, that she was wearing a new pink top, and i said to her...
"Where'd you get that top?"
"Oh, my sister gave it to me", she replied
"That was nice of her"
"Yeah, she was throwing it out. I pulled it out of one of her bags she was giving to the op shop.."
"Do you see the irony in this situation?"
Pause... "S'pose..."

Ah Dot, god love 'er.


DelightfulJen said...

I used to be a fairly bad hoarder, then one day I decided I can't kep it all, and did a big cull.

It's actually very cleansing (no pun intended) to let go of all the bits and pieces you have held onto for years, and just trust that you won't need to stuff and even if you do one day, it will still be ok without it.

Good luck Dot! (and Mars, make sure the garbage bags are tied up tightly, it's so hard to resist the initial urge to fish through and save all the stuff you aren't sure you can be without)

Adam said...

Has anyone else noticed that Jen is a little bit too delightful?

Mars said...

I dunno if she's too delightful Ads-man... she is lovely though...

(You must just been too used to hanging around me [and Dot]...who really aren't delightful at all..)

DelightfulJen said...

I don't think I am especially delightful at all, but I am glad others are getting that vibe, there are much worse vibes I could be projecting :P

Nice to know you've got my back Mars, thank you!

Adam said...

Wait a sec....

If you don't think you're especially delightful, then where did the name come from? You must be delightful, someone must have thought so, it's the rule of names!!

You can't argue with the rule of names. Anywho, nice to meet you Jen, we all need a bit more delightful in our lives.

Mars said...

Does that mean i have to be a planet or a chocolate bar?

I'm not too sure how i'm going to manage that..

DelightfulJen said...

I actually thought of the blog name when I was obsessed with the song "Afternoon Delight" and because at least 30% of the female population is called Jennifer it was about the only "Jen" name blogger left. I am not creative with nicknames so it's the best I could come up with.

So there you have it.

Nice to meet you also, Adam.

Adam said...

Hmmm, Jen, have you considered grabbing some of these other Jennifers and starting a 90s girl band?

Dearest of the Mars, the answer to your question is in the question....

...use the chocolate bars to become a planet.