24 July 2006

Hallelujah, thank the lord for the greedy tax-man and self funded eductation!

Thought i would check out what my tax bill might be this year, being as i seem to get a tax bill every freakin' year... and then put off lodging said tax return until after i get back from holidays.

Turns out though, that this may very well be the best day of my life. Seems that paying for that course i am blundering my way blindly through is worth a refund! Enough of a refund, so as i actually get a tax refund this year!

I am delighted, needless to say. And the tax return has been lodged pronto, so i will get some of that money back before i leave.

Thank cripes.

PS. Dreadfully sorry 'bout the boring tax blog tonight, but the day has been quite uneventful. I didn't go to see Lisa for her birthday and am now in the dog-house. Oh well.
PPS. Emo must be due back soon, shoudn't he? How long does Spendor go for these days..? And when does uni go back. Sheesh.. this kid..


DelightfulJen said...

Splendor ended last night, so your little Emo should be back home today.

As far as I'm aware uni should have started for most courses, so maybe he's not very commited to his studies. You should have a friendly chat about work ethics.

(P.S. You should ban me from your blog, I am becoming a comment hog. Clearly I am making the most of this wonderful 'spare time' I have this semester)

Mars said...

Noo... there will be no banning of commenters. For i am a COMMENT WHORE!
Evil laugh etc.

Adam said...

Even if what we say adds nothing to this blog? (p.s Adam is cool).

Jessie said...

tax refunds = a wonderful, amazing, mysterious thing.

Dot said...

Emo came back last night. did you not notice?