13 March 2009

= ME

Can't blog.
Too busy looking at view.
Most beautiful country on earth.
Arnhem Land in wet season.
How did I end up here?
Little-bit long-story.

08 March 2009

Jade Goody.

England is obsessed with this individual at the moment... and so am i. Apparently she's going to die at any moment, which while tragic because of her age, actually doesn't afford me any particular sympathy toward the woman. In fact, i am having an extreme reaction towards her... while Sun readers 'leave Jade their special words of support', i sit back and vomit in my mouth.

The first problem i have with Jade Goody is that she shouldn't be famous in the first place. She is in my opinion, a vulgar human, and just because she's now terminally ill, doesn't really change that. If anything, it's actually accentuating her thorough vulgarity.

The fact that i even know what she's doing in these, 'her last weeks', is absolutely horrible. I can't understand why she doesn't have a bit of dignity and keep to herself about the matter. I dunno what she thinks, maybe that she's doing the world a favour 'raising awareness' about cervical cancer, and perhaps she is... but i doubt she's raising awareness so much as she's raising her bank balance. I mean, she admits she's selling her story to who ever will buy it in order to provide for her sons, but honestly... you really can't put a price on dignity, can you? What kid wants to grow up knowing that their mother basically sold herself while she was dying?

Fair enough, sell your wedding photos... if some one's dumb enough to buy them, fair dues. But honestly, baptising seven and five year old children is pretty weird... but have yourself baptised as well? Talk about covering all bases. And why, for the love of god, when it's still really quite cold in England, she's traipsing around Essex with no hat on that bald head of hers, is beyond me.

Vulgar in life, as well as near death... i don't know what more you'd expect i suppose. So i don't really have much sympathy for her, it is sad for those two kids, but honestly... what memory of herself is she leaving for them?

04 March 2009

There's a show on over here called Supersize vs Superskinny. Basically, they get a fatty and a skinny together, have them mincing around in some beige, baggy underwear and we all sit back and think how disgusting the fatty is. The premise of the show is that the fatty and skinny swap the meals they would normally eat for five days... the skinny moans about never being able eat all that food and the fatty waddles around talking about lap-band surgery.

Anyway, the point of this post wasn't necessarily to rant about the show and its 'point, laugh and pity the fatso' mentality...it's something even more disturbing, to be honest.

The opening credits of the show have all these bodies, fat and skinny, divided into three sections, spinning around making odd looking torsos. You never see the head of the body, and you never see any cock and/or balls, just some boobs (man or woman), some guts and a blurred out vadge.


Please, a real vadge, or no vadge.

Let's face it, we're lead to believe a vadge is ugly, so best keep these things behind a fuzzy blurred pen and continue to make out (as we have been doing for at least the last 50 years) that we all look like Barbie dolls.

Not cool.
I went to see a game show filmed. It was the greatest waste of three hours of my life.

But at least i got on teevee.