01 December 2010

Dear Dottie,

Long time no hear, hope you have not been met with any bother while in Korea.

Anyway, you missed a great party - Kiki got married to Aphrodite on the weekend and I was reminded of two things:

1. the existence of this blog...

i've been reading through a whole heap of old stuff and FUCK! what a tedious, whinging bitch i am!

and also...

2. this haiku you wrote only three short years ago

30 October 2007

yo aphrodite,
rooting kiki? too bad he's...
got the yogurt dick.

(dedicated to Mars as her worlds collide)

It's really sweet, and still so relevant.

Come home soon for a visit will you, its been a year since the warm handshake.

Love you on Wednesdays

Marsy xxx