31 October 2006

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of living in Melbourne for me. For those who don't know (and i will assume that's most people, besides Dot and The Intruder), i grew up in Perth. I was born in Melbourne, spent 10 years in Perth, and then came back to Melbourne again.

Our move back to Melbs was somewhat unorthodox in the general interstate movings of families, in that when we left Perth... only me, my mum and the Milky Bar Kid came to Melbs. Dad pretty much got left behind 'to tie up lose ends' and once all that had been done, my mum called 'barleys!' and that was the end of the unit as i knew it. Pretty fucked up way to do things, and a bit shit dealing with my parents separating, plus starting a new school and trying to make some of those friend things, not to mention VCE. Needless to say, this has been an eventful 10 years.

I haven't always appreciated Melbourne. It wasn't until this month that i first went to Chinatown. I rarely go to Lygon or Brunswick streets. I try to avoid Chapel street and St Kilda if possible. I'm not really into the beach or the sport. I loathe shopping. And aren't all these the things which are supposed to make Melbourne great?

Which makes me wonder what it is exactly, that i do love about this city...

I love St Kilda road in autumn with its beautiful changing trees and the rattling of a tram.

And the view of the city at night coming across the Bolte Bridge is second to none. The view going across the overpass through the Crown Tunnel on King street, looking back across Southbank is third to none...

I love the atmosphere in the city when something is happening.

...the beach at Bonbeach in the summer and the pubs in Mornington on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And that trams are free (!).

And it's awesome that my entrire family lives in this state.

I guess these things are all pretty superfical... and home is where-ever you make it, isn't it? Well, i suppose i choose Melbourne by default... i don't think i could leave for any length of time again, i've been infected (no, not by the dirty needle on Elwood beach). So happy anniversary Melbs, looking forward to the next 10 years!

Done by Mars

29 October 2006

the city i live in
I took this picture on my phone on Friday night... We had this work function on, and this was the view.. Wish i had a real camera.

Feeling a bit panicy tonight... i always get a bit like this when i feel like i'm losing control of things in my life. For as long as i've existed i've always been completely shit at managing money. Possibly, the worst money manager evah in the whole entire world. Before i went on holidays, i was going pretty well... there was a plan and i was sticking to it. But since i've been home, it's been out of control. Somehow, my brain seems to have come to the conclusion that along the way, Mars has become a millionaire... and i've been spending money and racking up debt accordingly.

Things at work have become a bit screwed this week also. There's been a big restructure, and basically i'm ending up back where i came from a year ago. Same job, but the old manager will be back... so i'm not keen on that prospect and am sort of thinking about getting a new job, but then i hate being the new kid and am a big chicken, so i'm completely in two minds.

And i guess the healthy eating/living thing has taken a bit of a bashing of late too.

So yeah... things are feeling out of control, i'm tired and doing a small panic.

Done by Mars

25 October 2006

Thanks to Dot, and the revolution of modern-day germ travel... i, a beacon of good health, have been infected with whatever germs she was expelling. Makes me really furious having to waste perfectly good sick days on actually being sick... it's not even sunny, i can't even work on my tan, there's no-one around to talk to and SWEET JESUS, i am bored!

Anyhoo, this is not the point to the post. You see, as my parents were determined to wrap my brother and i in cotton wool until we atleast 30, we quite seriously we're allowed to watch any movies with the rating MA15+ until we were about 18. I can distinctly remember my brother trying to watch one of the Terminator movies and me sqeeling the roof off at about 14 years of age, being absolutely terrified. To this day, i can't watch scary movies at all, i completely pack myself and become a blubbering mess... and if i do manage to actually sit through it until the end, i have nightmares for the next month. I was even petrified of that giant dog thing in the Never Ending Story... and don't even get me started on the Labirynth.

I shit you not.

So.. what i am getting at here, is that there have been quite a few classic films that i've never actually seen, given my limited exposure... and i'm now taking suggestions. I'm heading down to the video shop today and this is the list i've come up with so far...

Blade Runner
Princess Bride
Apocolyse Now

I'm sure i had a longer list than this.... oh well...


Done by Mars

23 October 2006

I've changed the template. I like it... I've only seen one other blog with this template, so i hope she doesn't think i've stolen it directly from her. Been looking around for a while for a new one, and this was the best. Quite obviously.

In other news, it seems that blog-life and real-life for Dot and Mars, have at last, become one. We seem to have been outted by one of Dot's intrusive friends... i'm sure she'll tell you about the situation sooner or later... meanwhile, i expect the individual concerned will keep checking back obsessively for any reference to him. Pfft.

The party was ok. No scandals. I got drunk and went to bed pretty early. Cheapest taxi ride i've ever had!

I'm pissed off about the blog situation, i'm pissed off about work. It's all turned to shit.

Anyway, hopefully the new template will improve things... here's hoping.

Done by Mars

21 October 2006

Can't possibly do a new post, as it would absolutely pale in significance to the retro-genius that is Dave Mack.

He's back, and better than evaaaaaaar! And he's having a party, and EVERYONE's invited.

Incidentally, so are we. So maybe we'll post tomorrow, but no guarantees.

Done by Mars

16 October 2006

At work last week we were talking about tattoos, who had them and where etc. Most people were showing off their wares and explaining their choices, and for the most part, it was pretty interesting. Unsurprisingly, a few people had these Asian symbols that were all the rage... these two yobbo blokes with Asian symbols were given the hilarious (in at least five different ways) nick-name of the Lemon Chicken Brothers. Needless to say, they weren’t amused… I was though, and the shittier they got, the funnier the whole situation became.

I later met a friend from school for dinner, and she suggested going somewhere in Chinatown. I'd actually never been there, so thought why not. We got seated and the longest menus in the history of the world were handed to us. My experience with Chinese food over the years has been somewhat... limited... and i was quite embarrassed to go the safe option and order the Lemon Chicken.

The final humiliation of that meal was when i had to ask for a fork to eat my Lemon Chicken. Don't think i didn't realise the ridiculousness of the situation at the time... I went bright red, woofed the Lemon Chicken, while trying not to look too closely at the "chicken" and work out which part of the animal it actually came from.

We walked around to Federation Square for a drink and i later caught the train home. I was walking along the tracks taking a short-cut home after getting off at the station, and the Lemon Chicken had come back to haunt me and had given me hiccups. This alley is dark and skinny and it's always a bit creepy walking through there. So i checked behind me to see if anyone else were following me down there: Clear. So proceeded to hiccup my way home.

Suddenly, i caught a glimpse of a shadow behind me, turned around and there was a man right there, practically walking on my heels. I packed myself, made a loud gasp! noise and said to the man, "Christ, you scared the hell out of me!". He assured me he wasn't dangerous and i beleived him (though i did speed up..). After walking a few more steps he called after me with great amusement.. "Hey, atleast i cured you of your hiccups!"

Don't think i'll order Lemon Chicken again.

Done by Mars

15 October 2006


i live around the corner from my parents. it's nice in emergencies, and i'm glad Mars can take advantage of this security blanket too. finding herself locked out of the house last night she walked over to my parents house. it was 2am and they were asleep, so Mars found the key hidden in the garden, let herself in, and tucked herself into my sister's bed (my sister was at her boyfriend's place).

i then came home half hour later and looked at my mobile. Missed calls: 10. Messages: 1.
message from Mars read: "Dot, i am locked out. Would u come and get me when u get home please. i am in your sister's bed. Thanks."


Done by Dot

14 October 2006

You know, this came to me the other day and i thought while we're all getting retrospective about our siblings, i'd share it.

I have a younger brother and we went to a school where the primary and secondary school were on the same campus, so we caught the same school bus home.

He was new at the school in year 7, which was his last year of primary school, and was in year 10 so had already been at the school two years. Anyway, as you would imagine, i didn't want ANYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD knowing i was related to him.

Until one day on the school bus on the way home, some kids, quite rightly, decided that my brother looked remarkably like the Milky Bar Kid. I was mortified. But my brother did one of the coolest things i've ever seen a little kid do, while all these year 11 and 12's were teasing him...

He stuck his head out the window of the school bus, and yelled at the top of his lungs... "THE MILKY BARS ARE OOOOOOOOOOON ME!"

They all laughed and cheered.. and i thought two things. Firstly, i'm so telling mum you stuck your head out the school bus window... and, YOU LITTLE FUCKING LEGEND.

And for that moment, i was proud to be his sister.

Then we went back to hating each other.

Done by Mars

08 October 2006

Mars, circa 3pm Sunday...
(she was out till 11pm last night!)

Done by Dot

07 October 2006

It's times likes these when Dot'n'Mars HQ needs a man.

And no, Emo is not a man. Besides which, he's finally cleared out. Thank dog!

There's a dead bird stuck on our back fence. The thing obviously had string stuck to its leg or something, and it's got stuck on the fence while it was flying over. Now it's dead, and still stuck there.

Anyone who wants to come over and remove said bird will be duely rewarded with...




Any takers?

Done by Mars