21 October 2006

Can't possibly do a new post, as it would absolutely pale in significance to the retro-genius that is Dave Mack.

He's back, and better than evaaaaaaar! And he's having a party, and EVERYONE's invited.

Incidentally, so are we. So maybe we'll post tomorrow, but no guarantees.

Done by Mars


Dave Mack said...

thanks for the prop circles!

how was your party mars?

Mars said...

well.. me and dot had a good time. i mean, the location was convenient, the set-up was nice, we had heaps of booze, were into the music... so all in all, i think we had the best time out of all the guests.

which is what it's all about, really.

the e-party was a bit of a raging success, huh.. who'd a thunk it?

Adam said...

I'm still over hung.

Dave Mack said...

who would have thuk it?

me. mars. me.

Mars said...

You're a visionary Dave Mack.

Nothing surer.