29 October 2006

the city i live in
I took this picture on my phone on Friday night... We had this work function on, and this was the view.. Wish i had a real camera.

Feeling a bit panicy tonight... i always get a bit like this when i feel like i'm losing control of things in my life. For as long as i've existed i've always been completely shit at managing money. Possibly, the worst money manager evah in the whole entire world. Before i went on holidays, i was going pretty well... there was a plan and i was sticking to it. But since i've been home, it's been out of control. Somehow, my brain seems to have come to the conclusion that along the way, Mars has become a millionaire... and i've been spending money and racking up debt accordingly.

Things at work have become a bit screwed this week also. There's been a big restructure, and basically i'm ending up back where i came from a year ago. Same job, but the old manager will be back... so i'm not keen on that prospect and am sort of thinking about getting a new job, but then i hate being the new kid and am a big chicken, so i'm completely in two minds.

And i guess the healthy eating/living thing has taken a bit of a bashing of late too.

So yeah... things are feeling out of control, i'm tired and doing a small panic.

Done by Mars


hawkeye23 said...

Mars, I totally know how you feel with the out of control financial situation. You just need to sit down and put it all down on paper again, and straighten things up. I have massive credit card debts that I'm slowly wittling away. Every little bit helps. Chin up, and keep going. You'll get there.

kiki said...

shoulda come out with me on friday night then eh?

that would have made it all better

Mars said...

hawkeye- i know, you're right. the money problem alone isn't that bad... it's just added to other things it's all a bit shit. credit cards are the axis of evil.

keeks- for once i did the sensible thing on friday night and chose NOT to go in the opposite direction to my bed and all the way to fucking brunswick with no real way home. if i hadn't already taken full advantage of the open bar that night, we might have come i suppose. Dot wanted to, but i was a lost cause. i vaguely remember singing the Ring of Fire out loud on the train on the way home... Dot leaves on friday though, you should totally hassle her to catch up before then. i'll come, and i wont be maggoty this time...

kiki said...

you were maggoty

i spoke to you, well, more you spoke to me. you were so drunk, it was pisser. you should have seen the brewery after though, spewed all over the shop!
class act

Mars said...

The brewry is the internerd's best kept secret. you've hardly mentioned her at all.

anyway, i wasn't that drunk.. i was still walking and talking, and i didn't puke. so all in all, pretty successful if you ask me. damn open bar, i know no restraint.

Dave Mack said...

hey mars,

thats like the best mobile phone pic i've ever seen!

Mars said...

not bad eh..

my old phone used to take reeeeal quality pics. probably better that my digital camera...hah hah..