25 October 2006

Thanks to Dot, and the revolution of modern-day germ travel... i, a beacon of good health, have been infected with whatever germs she was expelling. Makes me really furious having to waste perfectly good sick days on actually being sick... it's not even sunny, i can't even work on my tan, there's no-one around to talk to and SWEET JESUS, i am bored!

Anyhoo, this is not the point to the post. You see, as my parents were determined to wrap my brother and i in cotton wool until we atleast 30, we quite seriously we're allowed to watch any movies with the rating MA15+ until we were about 18. I can distinctly remember my brother trying to watch one of the Terminator movies and me sqeeling the roof off at about 14 years of age, being absolutely terrified. To this day, i can't watch scary movies at all, i completely pack myself and become a blubbering mess... and if i do manage to actually sit through it until the end, i have nightmares for the next month. I was even petrified of that giant dog thing in the Never Ending Story... and don't even get me started on the Labirynth.

I shit you not.

So.. what i am getting at here, is that there have been quite a few classic films that i've never actually seen, given my limited exposure... and i'm now taking suggestions. I'm heading down to the video shop today and this is the list i've come up with so far...

Blade Runner
Princess Bride
Apocolyse Now

I'm sure i had a longer list than this.... oh well...


Done by Mars


mindlessmunkey said...

It's an interesting argument for not wrapping your kids in cotton wool.

Due to your sheltered youth, you clearly have low physical immunity (hence your catching of Dot's germs so easily), and low cinematic immunity. I think exposure to a small amount of nastiness is essential for a healthy childhood.

Mind you, allowing your chidlets to wallow in filth while watching snuff films and porn is probably not the best path to well-balanced offspring either.

I suppose it's all about balance.

As for classic scary films you may have missed on your path to adulthood, I suggest: The Dark Crystal, Edward Scissorhands and Misery.

Mars said...

I've seen Edward Scissorhands, it was pretty good. The other two i will have to keep in mind (as long as they're not too scary, cause i'm still mostly chicken).

The censorship didn't stop on movies either. We also weren't allowed to watch Neighbous, Home'n'Away, 90210, the Comedy Company etc. Quite seriously, my Friday nights consisted of watching Burke's Backyard on the couch with my dad... until Burke got the can.

So i pretty much spent my time doing as my mother commanded.. "ride your bike or read a book!".. which i suppose isn't all together bad.

Ooh, and while we're, ok i'm, talking about me.. i did happen to catch about every movie ever made by John Candy, bless him.

Mex said...

i was only thinking about this the other day as ive recently acquired my first DVD player.

i feel like i have been left out of the movie watching world for so long and i dont know quite where to start.

kiki said...

swap princess bride for trainspotting

i know you've got a thing for ewen macgregor and robert carlisle...

Mars said...

i've seen trainspotting. i actually own a copy of trainspotting.

that's gotta earn me some street cred..

Lulu said...

I hate scary moves and they also give me nightmares....Or make me physically sick. So I have not seen any of the three movies on your list...

The movie that caused the most nightmares for me though was a more recent flick called The Butterfly Effect...I do not remember what it is about because I went to therapy, got hypnotised, just so that I would never have to think about it again.

Maybe you should rent that?

I agree Labrinyth (sp?) is a bit scary...or just plain weird!

Feel better soon chicken!

Mars said...

Suggestions don't have to be limited only to scary movies i've missed out on.. cause to be honest, i'm still not that excited by the prospect of being scared shitless.

Classics. "i can't believe you've never seen this film!", classics.

Enny said...


I do recommend 'Grease' (tho you SHOULD have seen that by now), 'Superstar' for comedy, '8 Femmes' for fench lesbian musical (tho I saw it a while ago so may not be as 'good' as remembered), 'Brokeback Mountain' (beauuuuuuuuuuutiful!).... ehm... I'll try and think of more!

DJ said...

Heres a few 'head-mess' videos for your consideration:
Twelve Monkeys - Brad Pitt plays the role of the whacko just a little too well.

Fight Club
Donnie Darko
Mulholland Drive
The Ring series - SEE THE JAPANESE ONES. (PPL - Don't argue with me on this point, sure Naomi Watts does a decent job but the Japanese ones are waaaaay better)

Have fun...

kiki said...

please explain to me the 'revolution of modern day germ travel'

i'm oh so curious to find out:
- when this occured
- who were the ring leaders
- was it a violent revolution?

actonb said...

I'm with you on the inability to cope with scary movies. I watched Scream a couple of years ago as I'd heard it was a laugh. I freaked in the opening scene and couldn't finish it. Such. A. Wuss.
But Princess Bride is the best. Enjoy.

Mars said...

Enny- i vaguely remember seeing the Butterfly Effect at some point. Ashton Kutcher? i haven't seen Superstar or 8 Femmes so will have to investigate. Have seen Grease a million times - it was REAL big in about year 5 at my school..hehe. Seen Brokeback, loved it. Thanks for you suggestions!

DJ- hello! wow this post is bringing out a few new commenters! Twelve Monkeys eh..? I'm dubious. Seen Fight Club and loved it.. i actually own a copy of that movie too, that's how many times i've seen it. Funny how the violence in that didn't put me off overly.. i think it's Brad having an effect on my female urges though..eeww! hehe Donnie Darko, i saw that a while ago, and to be honest, didn't think much of it at all. But so many people have it listed a THE BEST MOVIE EVAR! that maybe i should re-visit it in my old age and see if it appeals to me.. as for the Ring, i saw the first one - no more!

keith- i get the feeling you're in an arguementative mood this afternoon and you're going to shoot me down with whatever answer i come up with for these questions... that said, i may or may not, write my next post on the topic, so you'll have to stay tuned.

actonb- hello! nice to have a fellow wuss hanging about :) the princess bride is all i'm hearing about.. it MUST be good. i went to the video shop yesterday and couldn't find it. the lady behind the desk suggested the princess diaries, which i suspect, will be a cheap substitute, but i have hired none-the-less.

actonb said...

Princess Diaries is an entirely different kettle of fish. And unless you're 9 years old I suspecy you'll feel quite ripped off.

Mars said...

i am prepared to be ripped off. but also kinda interested to see it now that i've seen the devil wears prada.

we'll see...

Mex said...

just on that movie Scream...

my friend played a joke and scared us not long after seeing the movie and its only fair to say that in my fright a small amount of pee may or may not have come out.

Miss Natalie said...

Ohh add Carrie to that list. i watched it last night, sensational, freakiness to be expected as it's based on a Stephen King novel