23 October 2006

I've changed the template. I like it... I've only seen one other blog with this template, so i hope she doesn't think i've stolen it directly from her. Been looking around for a while for a new one, and this was the best. Quite obviously.

In other news, it seems that blog-life and real-life for Dot and Mars, have at last, become one. We seem to have been outted by one of Dot's intrusive friends... i'm sure she'll tell you about the situation sooner or later... meanwhile, i expect the individual concerned will keep checking back obsessively for any reference to him. Pfft.

The party was ok. No scandals. I got drunk and went to bed pretty early. Cheapest taxi ride i've ever had!

I'm pissed off about the blog situation, i'm pissed off about work. It's all turned to shit.

Anyway, hopefully the new template will improve things... here's hoping.

Done by Mars


Lulu said...

Definitely out all of his secrets I say!!!

Adam said...

Whoa! You guys seem heaps better and more hilarious now. You're gonna have soooooooo many marriage proposals....

kiki said...

lol at adam

i must say though, the new template, it is pleasant

Mex said...

definitely diggin the new look.

kiki said...

is this the guy i met?? how did he find out??

Dave Mack said...

yes it is a good template.

Enny said...

I know how you feel about the 'outing' - it SUCKS but hope it doesn't upset y'all too much.

Martie said...


Mars said...

Sweet.. template is a winner

Lulu - he has no secrets worth knowing, is my suspicion. It's probably all lies anyway.

Adam - i don't like your tone

Mex - hello, don't think we've had a comment from you before.. always exciting to get a fresh one.

Kiki - Yes and he searched for "kiki melbourne".. so pretty much YOU lead him right here. not your fault though, so wont hold it against you

Mack - i know (and, i found someone else rocking the brown, as you say... just so you know you're not the only one anymore)

Enny - will try not to let it interfere... though i'm sure it will

Martie - I KNOW! ps.. do you think you've spotted me yet? i don't think i've seen you.. errr, not that i've been looking or anything..

Dot said...

this blog is the colours of my snot.

Mars said...

mine too.

thanks for that.

as the emo says... "sharing is caring"

i guess you care a lot..

Martie said...

Nah, I don't think so - yet.

However, I'm so glad you're not the chick at Mentone who wears the same shoes nearly every day and who has horrible hair and who talks really loudly on the phone to her friend from work on the train about getting her name on the list for 'Famous'.


Mars said...

famous? what is Famous?

magazine? club?

nah, i don't talk on the phone... just read or sleep normally. pretty regular, that way.

i can't believe you suspected me of wearing the same shoes and having ugly hair. mildly insulted.

kiki said...

well, it must be your fault as you referred to me as kiki, i even tried to spell it wrong for him (keekee), but alas, my thwarting skills are fading....

want me to cut his achilles tendon??
i can have that organised for you.

please ask me to cut his achilles for you

Adam said...

You don't like my tone? You don't like my tone?

How about this tone then?

"Hi, my name is Adam."

or what about this one?

"Hi, my name is Adam."

or even...

"Hi, my name is Adam."

Tell me which one you prefer and I'll happily/grudgingly oblige.

Mars said...

keeks, we know it was our fault. mostly dot's, but sort of mine too cause i was a bit curious in a car-crash sort of way... you can cut his achilles if you want. or maybe you could knee cap him...? just a thought.

adam, i like which ever of those tones are most mocking.