16 March 2010


Before you ask: I didn't get the job.

Have not been officially told this yet however I did overhear boss today (I volunteer at organization one day a week) calling someone else's references.

How can I not get a job I have already been doing for free for two months?!?!?!

Oh well. If I was happy in my career (and you were happy in love), we wouldn't be Dot and Mars, would we?

09 March 2010

My new venture...

08 March 2010

Right. It's 0119 hours, Monday 08 March and i'm on the internet dating site again, poking around. What i'm now wondering is what i'm up against... Y'know, who are these chicks?

My friend said to me (bless her) after the FOUR!!! rejections, that maybe these blokes all think i am out of their league so they didn't bother with me. I did laugh at the time, but now i'm wondering who exactly is in my league.

I had a look at the other girls my age and let's face it, they're as thoroughly standard as I am. One thing i have noticed though is that i am getting a lot of interest from older dudes - so now I wonder if my pool (27-33 year olds) are all after the 19-24 year olds. Of course they are! Who am i kidding? Who wants a frumpy almost 30 year old with a bit of life experience under her belt and those annoying standards and expectations of you, when you could have a giggling, firm, 22 year old?

No one, that's who.

Anyway, i have proof of none of this but i am looking to further investigate my theory and to find out what my league is. Where do i belong, internet?

Would it be completely wrong to set up as a profile as a man just to see where it's all at? Just for research - promise.

04 March 2010

What's shitting you today, Mars?

We all know my somewhat checkered past where housemates are concerned, correct? Basically, I have lived with over 30 people in my time and have ended up passionately hating every single one of them except for two. This is not a good ratio.

So, when looking for my latest victim, I thought I was being scrupulous, wary even, having learned from lessons passed.

No Emos
No lesbians
No one who never leaves the house
No one who has a pet
No one with a debilitating 'illness'
No unemployed
No dirty, lazy, noisy
No bossy
No vegetarians
No Christians

But I was rushed into moving out of the pars house and appear to have made an error in judgement. It would appear that I have moved in with someone who has a perpetually present, imp of a boyfriend.


My (official) housemate is actually really nice, I like her a lot and i'm trying to just GET A FUCKING LIFE! and not let Impy bother me. But last night, it did bother me... She wasn't even home and and he turned up about half past 10. I heard knocking on the front door while I was in the shower, and figured it could only be one person... so I carried on with my shower, hoping he'd think no one was home and just LEAVE.

But alas, he was not to be deterred! I left him knocking on that front door for 15 minutes, long after I'd finished my shower... I hid out in the bathroom (which you can see the door of from the front door) for ages... Eventually I got sick of being held captive in my own bathroom and went to exit the bathroom and had no choice but to let him in. So in he came, went and turned the tv and a/c on, made himself something to eat then went and had a shower.

This wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't happen every day... I really am TRYING to be reasonable about this - I dont want to hate someone. Internet, you have to believe me for once.