08 March 2010

Right. It's 0119 hours, Monday 08 March and i'm on the internet dating site again, poking around. What i'm now wondering is what i'm up against... Y'know, who are these chicks?

My friend said to me (bless her) after the FOUR!!! rejections, that maybe these blokes all think i am out of their league so they didn't bother with me. I did laugh at the time, but now i'm wondering who exactly is in my league.

I had a look at the other girls my age and let's face it, they're as thoroughly standard as I am. One thing i have noticed though is that i am getting a lot of interest from older dudes - so now I wonder if my pool (27-33 year olds) are all after the 19-24 year olds. Of course they are! Who am i kidding? Who wants a frumpy almost 30 year old with a bit of life experience under her belt and those annoying standards and expectations of you, when you could have a giggling, firm, 22 year old?

No one, that's who.

Anyway, i have proof of none of this but i am looking to further investigate my theory and to find out what my league is. Where do i belong, internet?

Would it be completely wrong to set up as a profile as a man just to see where it's all at? Just for research - promise.


Perseus said...

As a 40 year old man who was once (very briefly) on a dating site, it's just as hard. Quite often the reason we start looking at the late 20's brigade is because the mid 30's women are either a) with children, b) fucked up or c) wondering where your five billion dollars are. Add to that I live in the surfcoast, and all the women who took my fancy insisted that a potential beau must live within 25km of Northcote. And not smoke cigarettes. So I looked at mid 30's women within 50km of my home... there were three of them, and I knew them.

Still, I hear many success stories. I failed miserably.

Ed said...

Hi there, came through from Boo's site (galloping skirt)...thought you might have been Gina Riley!

Anyway, read post and only half agree with what you are saying. Sure Western culture valorizes the young, and objectifies young women's bodies in a particular kind of way, making the rules of desire play out a certain kind of way. But I also think it totally depends on the man and the woman involved in said potential romance equation. Plus early twenties women sometimes have very little to say about life. Can be just as fucked up as people in their 30s or 40s. Can also be flabby and un-firm. They are after all just people like us 30 somethings too. So chin up, because being depressed about hunting this mythical manbeast is not a good thing.