14 April 2009

Dear Mars,

Are we still bloggers? Just wondering.

I'm going to be in Melbourne until the 2nd of May. When do you get back? This is not long enough to see you, is it? Well, like I said before I'm leaving TWO presents for you at my sister's house. One is something you can sit on and the other is something you can put things in. I hope these presents will be enough to maintain our fragile relationship.

I hope I'm not being insensitive again.

Luff Dot xx

PS - Bloggers roam the world! I just got back from a weekend in Sydney where I ran into Audrey Apple on a ferry (who normally lives in Adelaide) then at Melbourne airport I ran into Kiki (who normally lives in Perth). AND I think I may have been sitting next to Perez Hilton on the bus to Southland today.