28 November 2007

WELL! I thought my computer was broken... so i've been computer-less for 2 weeks now... and today, i must have got desperate so tried to fix it. WELL FUCK ME SIDE WAYS, i actually did it, and it turns out the computer's not broken afterall! ...it's so fun being me.

And i've had lots to write about too... Firstly there was a wedding... and you know how i 'like' those... There was also JT (OMGJUSTINDOMENOW)... AND, there was an election. Suffice to say... we are delighted at the result.

It's been a busy month or so here at D&M HQ. Firstly, Dot came home! (to visit me) Which was nice. She was here for two weeks, and now she's gone again. Meanwhile, on the recomendation of Mexie, and with a severe case of 5-minutes-on-the-brain, i bought a NEW camera... wheee...! Let me demonstrate its greatness, by telling you all about the IMPORTANT things in life - now in motion picture!

Anyone ever wondered what D&M HQ looks like? Well, in the name of once and for all, flushing any anonymity we ever had STRAIGHT down the shitter...! I present to you (in artistic photography format)...

Our dining room... ta-daa! Greeeeeeeeny...

Whee...! BUT, the big news really is...! While Dot was here, she acquired us (yes, US!) a flat screen teevee! It was like... we'd finally made our way into the 21st century... OR, we'd won a game show or something...

Have you ever seen a flatter screen?

That said... there are changes afoot for Dot and Mars. As those more observant readers of You Can't Stop Us... will note, Dot seems to not only have gotten married this year, but she also seems to have moved to America to live with her mail-order husband. Which leaves Mars, unaccounted for.

SO... Mars has made some plans of her own... to head north to a cooler climate and go to Manchester to hang out with some of her boozy mates. THAT'S RIGHT, Manchester, bitches. Therefore, there has been packing, and let me just say... i have made the recent discovery of the most under-rated form of storage there is. You see, normally i would just create piles. Of stuff. Piles, and piles of stuff. BUT BEHOLD!

Oh yeah baby... it's the vacuum seal!

VERY SATISFYING, seeing the life sucked out of all my STUFF. Luckily for me, i have heaps of STUFF, so this could keep me entertained for quite. some. time.

In other news... i went up the street today to get a facial (damn new camera, pointing out how bad my skin actually was) and after i bought my $3.50 bottle of cordial (see right), i noticed that Cheltenham seemed to have up, what looked like...

Christmas decorations! Ahahahahahaha*choke*LAME.

Anyway, that's it really. I'm getting a Mac Laptop some time next week, so you can expect some more wacky adventures as i try to work out how to use that thing.

20 November 2007

zomg... computer broke so there's been no blog/facebook action at D&M HQ.

ZOMG then i saw JT and he was so freakin hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, 36 degrees in melbs today - thus and therefore, i am also so freakin hott (in the more traditional sense of the word)


02 November 2007

What does your choice of Halloween costume say about you???

Devil Horns
You possess greater abilities than people suspect but are lacking in the energy or opportunity to use them…
You're always waiting for trains, never riding them.

Evil Santa
You have the capacity for making very detailed plans which you can carry through to a successful conclusion.
You are unlikely to curb your thirst for power which can make you unprincipled in your actions.

Slutty Umpire / Slutty Bumblebee (w. white denim crop jacket)
You are self confident, loyal, magnanimous with a sunny warmth and candour.
Actually, you are dumb, boring and shallow.

The Human Tampon
You have enormous powers of stamina and endurance combined with fearlessness and a willingness to go where no one else will go.
You are likely to be short in height and occasionally there is a speech peculiarity.