02 November 2007

What does your choice of Halloween costume say about you???

Devil Horns
You possess greater abilities than people suspect but are lacking in the energy or opportunity to use them…
You're always waiting for trains, never riding them.

Evil Santa
You have the capacity for making very detailed plans which you can carry through to a successful conclusion.
You are unlikely to curb your thirst for power which can make you unprincipled in your actions.

Slutty Umpire / Slutty Bumblebee (w. white denim crop jacket)
You are self confident, loyal, magnanimous with a sunny warmth and candour.
Actually, you are dumb, boring and shallow.

The Human Tampon
You have enormous powers of stamina and endurance combined with fearlessness and a willingness to go where no one else will go.
You are likely to be short in height and occasionally there is a speech peculiarity.


Steph said...

I was a slutty nurse, what does that say about me apart from the vapid, shallow bit, we all know that. :P

Original Mel said...

I was an 80s tragic.

Even more tragic was I didn't have to buy anything for said costume. I already had enough 80s tragic clothes in my cupboard. That I wear regularly.

The 80s are totally back, I tells you.

kiki said...

sorry mel,
you're a little early
it's the 70's currently
80's next week

redcap said...

Ma ha ha! Human tampon :) I didn't need to do Halloween.

steph, I can see you as a slutty nurse. But since when did slutty become a Halloween costume? Since Santa wasn't allowed to say "ho ho ho" anymore?