31 October 2007

When good bloggers go bad...
by Mars

So get this... Our resident Modest Earth Dweller has infiltrated my LIFE. Well, not exactly... actually, not at all, really. None-the-less... this is the scenario...

Mexie came to Melbs not long ago, and i didn't chicken out in going to meet her. I love the Mex... Anyway, ORMED came along too, for the kicks. We met Mex... drank beer and i ended up really wasted after my person was spiked with asprin then umm... well, the rest is a bit sketchy. Anyway, he said she was short... i didn't agree. There was some licking of faces and some fugly fucking fotos (TM) taken.

Got it?

So the fugly fucking fotos (TM) end up on facebook and my friend, Aphrodite, comments on a couple of them. ANYWAY, ORMED takes this opportunity to introduce himself to Aphrodite, completely ignoring the very existence (and ownership of the facebook) of ME. So the two of them make friends... there is messaging and texting and talking... Again, all of this ignoring MY wishes, not even consulting me for my blessing.

Loike, if i wanted them to be friends, i would have introduced them or something... BUT NO. These two think they're entitled to take LIBERTIES in life. How WRONG they were.

Fast forward 2 weeks and the pair of them are now practicing the making of the babies and both ignoring the existence of ME, even more-so than usual. I'm not happy, and as far as i'm concerned, there's NO DEAL and both of them still owe me one good looking friend... EACH. And i want quality.

I'm like, a modern day fucking cupid... which let's just say, is irony at its very best.


Original Mel said...

Just wait til they break up. Then you'll be the friggen devil incarnate.

(aren't I the optimistic little chicken today?)

kiki said...

woah just a fucking minute here

anyone on facebook who is friends with either of us (most people who read this dribble) can both see the mother-fucking evidence themselves.

go on. go check out the photo. it's one of me and mars.
anyway, you can CLEARLY see in the comments that
1- mars introduces us and
2- that there'd be no meeting-up of any sorts.

it wasn't until later when she sent me a message (and i bothered to look at her photos and see how hot she was) that anything began to happen


wait, no it's not.
"i came along for the ride?"
through me!

i'm so suing you for defamation over this post

Jacob said...

I had a job interview the other day and I was a little concerned that a little research on their part might lead to my blog, which I'm not too comfortable with them seeing. So I restricted its access. Hopefully it'll only be temporary. Send me an email and I'll add you as a reader, okay?

Mars said...

ummm, jacob... how do i get your email address if i can't see your blog? mine is mememars@hailmail.net
cheers bro

davey said...

Sorry guys, but I'm completely, utterly, hopelessly confused.

So like, whose rooting who, who wanted previously to root who, and whose gay, and who uses dairy products to clear up south-of-the-waist grossness?

Actually, forget it. No doubt I'll pick it up by season 2.

Adam said...

Wait. Mars, are you jealous of Keeks or Aphrodite?

P.S) The only possible way to bagsie peeps is by marrying them. Then they are your forevs...

Jacob said...

Oops, that was pretty stupid of me. I *meant* to include my email there.

Jacob said...

(I added you as a reader, by the way)

kiki said...

mars introduced aphrodite and i
we are now making mars jealous

i used the yoghurt.

Adam said...

I can't wait for Season 2, I hear there is a three way.

Steph said...

Is this like a love triangle? If it is can you wait for me to go and get some popcorn before you continue this lively debate?

Mars said...

ERRR, NO steph.. there is certainly no love triangle. if anything... i'd be more likely to have the hotts for aphrodite, not kiki. farken.

and keeks, i'm not jealous. i'm just... i dunno... i just can't believe it. STILL. you're off the internet for christsakes... and now... well, our blog will probably be outted and then we'll have to shut up shop.

and adz... i make no guarantees regarding a third season. it's hard enough getting through this one... (the hayfever is killing me)...

oh, and davey... btw, it was you i stalked on facebook... like i said in the haiku. geddit?