09 October 2007

Mere Male

Australian Women’s Weekly wouldn’t print this one, so lucky I’ve got a blog to share my hilarious stories about men who try hard and fail (for women who love to patronize them).

MM sent his brother in Boston a birthday package in the mail last week, however he was dismayed when the package was returned ‘Address Unknown’. MM was confused as he’d sent the package to the exact address his brother had told him via text message. So MM phoned his brother.
‘Hahaha!’ His brother laughed, ‘Where did you send it?’
‘123 Urgay Ave… just like you told me,’ MM replied.
‘Think about it, dude... 1 2 3... U R GAY.’

He sure is... (in the post-post-modern post-p.c. sense of the word)

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Anonymous said...

did he have:

Phil McCrackin

on it??