27 October 2007

You can't stop me cause I'm drunk...

High school was a long time ago but it seems I still have some of the fifteen-year-old bitch within:

Dot said...

censorship: it's like living in nazi germany. do you realise how low you've sunk?

2:53 PM

Mars said...

ooh... HARSH!

...but fair.

3:09 PM

Dot said...

oh. hi there mars. i didn't know you came here too.

3:14 PM

Mars said...

some times i like to see what's on the menu, read the poor man's version of haiku and see posey photos of someone else.

just sometimes though...

3:16 PM

Dot said...

i like it too. i like the sense of non-self-awareness that comes out of this blog. it's refreshingly pretentious. i like it how she writes to make herself look good, with no sense of irony or cliche. wonderful!

3:19 PM

Mars said...

i especially like it when she tells us all the brand names she's bought... except i usually don't know if i should laugh or cry.

seriously though, the 'poetry' is my favourite. intitials, when can we expect some more haiku?

3:22 PM

Dot said...

i HOPE we get some more haiku. i never know whether to LAUGH or VOMIT when i read it.

3:24 PM


Mars said...

there was a lame blog
t'was all about censorship
it tried to stop us

3:26 PM

Dot said...

dude, are you truly free-style haiku-ing!!?!?
you're amazing. you're Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken cucletki Bronte beach bloody amazing!

3:29 PM


Mars said...

i prefer tater-tots in cheltenham, to be honest...

hey, initials... how about like, a haiku MC thing? you know what i mean... like they do in 8 mile. i can diss yo mamma, and you can tell me i've got a fat ass...

OR SOMETHING. how bout it?

dot and i will get you started...

3:32 PM

Dot said...

cest moi? (ie said 'cest mmmmwya!') i'm European fancy too.


there once was a girl
who liked cooking and herself
was a love-in fest

3:36 PM


Mars said...

there once was a girl
who didn't like dot and mars
can you tell us why?

3:38 PM

Dot said...

the problem with them
is that they do not worship
the myth of JB

3:41 PM

Mars said...

she's a shit driver
who smokes marlboro reds (hardcore)
who would worship her?

3:44 PM

God, I didn't know I had such meanness in me. Which is why it's good to blog. It's important to expose one's own weaknesses, the areas in which one might be slightly judgmental. Then one can 'know thyself', and rein the bitch within.



Steph said...

Holy snapping duck shit! I pop in cos I see the light on and for a second there i thought you two were goin all highschool on ME! I like to write shakespearean style poetry, cos i'm so fucking good at it like. I do drop my brand names cos it makes me feel better about my puerile existence, and I'm also super self absorbed (If i were a menstrual pad I'd be a maxi)but then I thought, "hang on, I don't delete comments and i can't do the Haiku thing to save myself (I may have spelled that wrong too btw)" so it's not me. Hurrah!!!

That naff song just came to mind "you're sooo vain, I bet you think this blog posts about youuuuu"

Ok. As you were. I'll just get my coat.

Mars said...

heh... nah, we actually like you steph, cause you can give as good as you get.

uhh... just a bit of backgound on our sudden blog-rage... this chick has been calling us names all over the internet and she deletes every comment we put on her blog, usually within about 2 minutes of posting it. swears, she sits on Refresh alllllllll the live-long day.

which amuses us.

as has the face that that line of comments has been sitting on her blog UNCENSORED for over an hour now.

so whatever. we're being a bit nasty, but you can't stops us, etc.

Jacob said...

I've been reading this blog for months now, and I still don't get it.

Mars said...

err... that doesn't really surprise me, jacob. i was just thinking today how pretty much this whole blog deal is one massive in-joke between dot and i. actually, our who friendship is one big in joke that no-one ever gets.

patience grasshopper... when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Anonymous said...

why don't you fat, ugly, try hard, nerd dykes put real photos of yourself up?? you must be uglier than I am imagining, which is troll like to say the least. I mean, how gross are you? Your personalities are clearly vile, no wonder you spend all day harassing people, obviously noone will deal with you in real life. You must have some serious chips on your shoulders.Picked on in high school were we? awwww my heart bleeds for you. Acutally, reading your blog is kind of sad in a way, I pity people with no friends or social skills. I mean, most people have things to do on the weekend. you must stay inside all day. Poor, ugly, losers. Its obvious that you have NOTHING to write about on your blog, what exactly do you do apart from fist each other and live up each others assholes?? You are both sooooo sad. Do you not have ANYTHING better to do with your life? oh sorry, of course you don't, or else you would be doing this. I look forward to the inevitable response, pretending that this hasn't bothered you, because you are both sooooo cool, and its so easy to harrass people when you don't have to be face to face, but I think we all know that I have just described you to a T. In short, ladies, or she males, whatever you are, GET A LIFE!!!!

Jacob said...

...said the guy who sits at home on a Saturday night writing hateful comments on people's blogs.

Steph said...

Oi! I happen to be home this saturday night too. *cries* I'm such a loser!

I dislike anon comments. It's very cowardly. At least Dot and Mars don't hide behind an "anon" persona. Plus Miss/Mr Anon is being a tad hypocritical saying "It's easy to harrass people when you don't do it face to face" yet won't even own up to who they are.

And Mars, I'm glad you ain't hatin on my arse cos you two are FEISTY when you get goin.
I wouldn't even try and stop ya's!

Jacob said...

You and I may be on the computer reading blogs, but at least we aren't insulting people for being anonymous, whilst not even making up a pseudonym. (Apparently the irony was too much to fathom).

Off topic - What does holy snapping duck shit mean, Steph? I said it the other day and my friend was all 'wtf?'

Mars said...

that anonymous comment just made it all worth-while... it could only have been better if it were written in haiku.

you see, if i were JB, i'd have deleted that comment. but i'm not going to, cause i quite like it.

kiki said...

i know Dot and Mars.
i have to say, that anons comments are pretty off-the-mark.
95% of the harassing of JB is done at work. so that's different to doing it at home.
also, they're pretty rad people. who can easily and comfortably fit into any social setting.

which, i'm guessing, anon can't do. i assume anon's social skills are on par with his/her sentence structure = terrible.

mars, don't get a big head over the first nice thing i've ever said to you

Mars said...

i'm sure you'll put me back in my box soon enough, keeks...

Steph said...

I have no idea what holy snapping duck shit means. i can only fathom that it must be painful for the ducks when they're defecating.

Puss In Boots said...

I so love anon commenters who use the "ur juz jelus" and "get a life" lines. So original! I wonder if they realise how ironic it is to tell someone to get a life for being on the net when they're on the net themselves; or how ironic it is to tell someone they're just jealous for writing vitriol whilst writing vitriol themselves. Interesante!

And don't worry Steph, when they mentioned the brand name love, I thought they were talking about me too. But I only do that to piss off Jocelyn, and I don't write poems, so I figured I was safe! For now, at least.

kiki said...

where's my haiku?

Adam said...

You could have told us you were nerd-dykes! No one ever tells me anything...

Amanda said...

Bah ha ha, you girls are hilarious. I actually thought you were talking about Steph for a while there, and thought it was odd I'd never noticed any overt bitchiness between the three of you- then I realised Steph doesn't write Haiku, so it couldn't be her.

Remind me to stay on your good sides... hell hath no fury like a Dot and Mars scorned.

Original Mel said...

I love blog rage. Is there a support group for sufferers, or a Blog Rage Management class for those who get arrested blog raging?

dot said...

i knew JB was evil, i just knew it!

>>fat, ugly, try hard, nerd dykes

there was something so cold and inhuman the way she called us ‘dropkicks’, a fairly mild insult, but then preceded to delete all our responses on her blog.

>> poor, ugly, losers

she wouldn't engage in banter with us...

>>what exactly do you do apart from
>>fist each other and live up each
>>others assholes?

so we proceeded to press her buttons as best we knew how. but she was very resilient, deleting all our comments within seconds of them being posted.

>>In short, ladies, or she males,
>>whatever you are, GET A LIFE!!!!

so we kept on, annoying and nagging and annoying. of course it's hard to get a reaction out of someone with NO SOUL. but eventually we did! and what spewed out? PURE EVIL, just as i suspected.

Mars said...

i have just one last thing to say...

european vista? sure you can fist 'er!