29 May 2007

Not to gloat or anything...

But i had a needle today, and now i'm really ready to go.

25 May 2007

In the immortal words of... well... myself, i refer to this post.

Now with extra GAAAAAH!

Dot'n'Mars HQ; former becon of the single gal/fast men lifestyle, is about to become... (gasp!)... the newly-wed love shack.

(uh... that's not really how i roll...)

So i'm OUTTA in one week tomoz, to what has seemingly become the new-Bali. Yeah that's right... gonna get me a bit of sun, surf and tsunami.


22 May 2007

Woo! Check this out... 10 000 hits on Dot'n'Mars since we started, around this time last year.

Word up to us.

Also, word up to W, as i think she was the lucky punter!

(dear god, i hope it wasn't me! i'm sure Dot and i are responsible for atleast 5000 or those hits)

NEVERTHELESS. (is that really one whole word?)

21 May 2007

Dear Dot,

Brace yourself.

It's fucking freezing back in Melbs... Yesterday, i put the flanelette sheets on my bed, and today i wore my proper winter coat for the first time this year.

Don't know if we usually get someone out to clean the heater ducts, so have been too afraid to use said heater, in case i burn the house down. So i'm f-f-f-f-f-freezing. And basically just living in one room.

My room.

Will wait for you to get home and make sensible decision re: ducted heating.

Until then,

PS Miss you and am a bit bored/sick of having no-one to talk to at home
PPS Cleaned my room good and proper yesterday... Yours is still looking spic too. Impressive.

20 May 2007

Life is chaotic at the moment... i feel like i'm shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

19 May 2007

Dear Pomgirl,

I want to read your blog, but don't seem to have been invited.
Please contact me to tell me why i have been snubbed/invtite me.

Mars (and Dot)


08 May 2007

Question time!
...with Mars

Yo. How does The Internet (yes, you) feel about stalking people from primary school, finding them on myspace, flickr and other published writings after you've googled their name, their bother, mother, father and cat's name... and also their old address? You've also looked through all (and i do mean all) their myspace friends looking for photos of the stalked as they have their own setting to 'private' (extremely annoying setting which should not be allowed).

Should one, then, after all that add said stalked to their myspace freinds? Keeping in mind that the stalked may be a little surprised to hear from you after say... 10 years and you may become geek-laughing-stock of old highschool friends. Although.. not so much friends as people you were in the same year level as.

Also keep in mind that the stalked is now a lesbian. Which makes me want to stalk her even more, to be honest... just cause i don't have any actual lesbian friends. As such.

Please, your opnion.

07 May 2007

"Tommy thinks you're cute..."
"What? Marge... did you ask Tommy if he thought i was cute?"
"Uh... so?"
"Marge... Tommy's FUCKED!"
"What do you mean?"
"Look at him! His eyes look like they're being held open with tooth-picks!"
"Nah.. that's just the way he looks..."
"Yeah, cause he's fucked ALL the time!"
"Oh... well, i think i want what Tommy's got.."
"Yeah... me too..."
"Hey Tommy...?"

Yeah, so my new boy-friend's fucked.

...like YOURS isn't...

06 May 2007

Can i just say, that i am quite partial to this type of mo...

That is all.