21 May 2007

Dear Dot,

Brace yourself.

It's fucking freezing back in Melbs... Yesterday, i put the flanelette sheets on my bed, and today i wore my proper winter coat for the first time this year.

Don't know if we usually get someone out to clean the heater ducts, so have been too afraid to use said heater, in case i burn the house down. So i'm f-f-f-f-f-freezing. And basically just living in one room.

My room.

Will wait for you to get home and make sensible decision re: ducted heating.

Until then,

PS Miss you and am a bit bored/sick of having no-one to talk to at home
PPS Cleaned my room good and proper yesterday... Yours is still looking spic too. Impressive.


DelightfulJen said...

Oh no!

I am hoping for a warm turn in the weather in a month's time, last time I went to Melbs it was quite warm, considering the season, so hopefully that will happen again.

I am too much of a Brisb sissy to handle proper cold weather!!

Mars said...

you'll be lucky!

W said...

Oh man. That definitely means winter is on its way to Sydney too! Stay warm Mars!

Mex said...

it SO wasnt that cold in melbourne! i was there and i was fine. esp as my flight home was delayed for ages and i spent the afternoon in the bar sinking pints...