22 May 2007

Woo! Check this out... 10 000 hits on Dot'n'Mars since we started, around this time last year.

Word up to us.

Also, word up to W, as i think she was the lucky punter!

(dear god, i hope it wasn't me! i'm sure Dot and i are responsible for atleast 5000 or those hits)

NEVERTHELESS. (is that really one whole word?)


meva said...


kiki said...

what's the difference between 'visits' and 'page views'??

surely, someone who visits your page also views it, and vice-versa?

i'm not sure.

meva said...

Kiki, someone might come to your site and view several of your posts. Someone who just comes and views your latest post is registered as a visit, but not as a page view.

Chris said...

I am responsible for 97% of all hits to my blog as it is my homepage, and also every time I fiddle with the template the number of view rockets by a few thousand.

I just like the big number though, so do I care? No!

Nevertheless. Not quite as bewildering as "inasmuch" I feel!

W said...

WOO! Lucky punter! (Even if it is not me, lets pretend :))

Happy 10,000 hits Dot and Mars!

Mex said...


you should say "much of a muchness" it REALLY confuses the foreigners especially the ones from Canadia.

actonb said...

Hee - 10000 is lots and lots.
And yes, it is. The word. It's one I'm particularly fond of...