25 May 2007

In the immortal words of... well... myself, i refer to this post.

Now with extra GAAAAAH!

Dot'n'Mars HQ; former becon of the single gal/fast men lifestyle, is about to become... (gasp!)... the newly-wed love shack.

(uh... that's not really how i roll...)

So i'm OUTTA in one week tomoz, to what has seemingly become the new-Bali. Yeah that's right... gonna get me a bit of sun, surf and tsunami.



Chris said...


Martie said...

where is the 'new-bali'?

i haven't even been to the old one yet.

kiki said...

i thought your parents wanted you to buy a house?

Mex said...

but what happens when you come back???

Mars said...

chris, thank you for your words (punctuation) of wisdom. SRSLY.

martie, it's thailand. haven't you noticed that ever bogan with a passport in thailand-bound?

keeks, yes thailand. and yeah.. they do. but i gots no $$$ for houses...

mexie, who knows... maybe i'll come live with you and scruffy..! THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER!

meva said...

Don't forget the camera!

(For Thailand, obvs. Not the newly-wed love shack shenanigans.)

W said...

Have a fab time mars, and yes, I reckon you should move to Sydney!

Chris said...


Why would it put that as my comment?!

Stupid blogger.

Um, I think... I said...

Nah, it's gone.

Mars said...

meva, camera is sorted and GOD DAMN i would not be happy if i forgot it!

lovely w... bad news for you my dear, for i have no intention of moving to sydney. didn't mex tell you? she's moving here.

chris, again... such wisdom!

W said...


I am sure you and Mex will have a lovely life together in Melbs, mars.