14 October 2006

You know, this came to me the other day and i thought while we're all getting retrospective about our siblings, i'd share it.

I have a younger brother and we went to a school where the primary and secondary school were on the same campus, so we caught the same school bus home.

He was new at the school in year 7, which was his last year of primary school, and was in year 10 so had already been at the school two years. Anyway, as you would imagine, i didn't want ANYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD knowing i was related to him.

Until one day on the school bus on the way home, some kids, quite rightly, decided that my brother looked remarkably like the Milky Bar Kid. I was mortified. But my brother did one of the coolest things i've ever seen a little kid do, while all these year 11 and 12's were teasing him...

He stuck his head out the window of the school bus, and yelled at the top of his lungs... "THE MILKY BARS ARE OOOOOOOOOOON ME!"

They all laughed and cheered.. and i thought two things. Firstly, i'm so telling mum you stuck your head out the school bus window... and, YOU LITTLE FUCKING LEGEND.

And for that moment, i was proud to be his sister.

Then we went back to hating each other.

Done by Mars


Dave Mack said...

Is your little brother an emo by any chance?

kiki said...

nah he can't be dave. he made people laugh.

emo's are usually critical / whingey. maybe Mars is emo???


what does your bro do know??
or is this another (Where Are They Now?) posts??

BEVIS said...

Aww, how cute / I hope he got beaten up afterwards.

Mars said...

Of course my brother isn't emo! He's just an ignorant, angry little unit.

As for what he do know(s)... i don't know what he knows. Not much, from all indications.

Keeks, despite the fact you may not beleive you met me, you did... and did i look/smell like an emo? Actually, i can prove i met you because i have a number in my phone stored under KiKiki, and i think it might be yours... Anyway, i wouldn't know how to be emo if i tried..

And they wouldn't have wanted to beat him up... Even though i couldn't, nay, can't stand the sight of the turd, no-one would ever want to fuck with him, or they'd have me to answer to.

And when it's all said and done, what am i other than an ignorant, angry little unit, also?

audrey said...

I love the defensive that kicks in with otherwise hateful siblings. I once fronted up to a cocky boy at school who was teasing my bro. Of course, I later fell madly in love with him and his soft soft skin, but I'm nothing if not predictable.

Mars said...

It's weird the loyalty between siblings. I somehow think i'm far more willing to stick up for my brother than he ever would be for me. I guess it's because i'm the oldest, and that's always been my job. And also, i've got quite a mouth when i get going.. so he probably figures i've got things under control.