31 October 2006

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of living in Melbourne for me. For those who don't know (and i will assume that's most people, besides Dot and The Intruder), i grew up in Perth. I was born in Melbourne, spent 10 years in Perth, and then came back to Melbourne again.

Our move back to Melbs was somewhat unorthodox in the general interstate movings of families, in that when we left Perth... only me, my mum and the Milky Bar Kid came to Melbs. Dad pretty much got left behind 'to tie up lose ends' and once all that had been done, my mum called 'barleys!' and that was the end of the unit as i knew it. Pretty fucked up way to do things, and a bit shit dealing with my parents separating, plus starting a new school and trying to make some of those friend things, not to mention VCE. Needless to say, this has been an eventful 10 years.

I haven't always appreciated Melbourne. It wasn't until this month that i first went to Chinatown. I rarely go to Lygon or Brunswick streets. I try to avoid Chapel street and St Kilda if possible. I'm not really into the beach or the sport. I loathe shopping. And aren't all these the things which are supposed to make Melbourne great?

Which makes me wonder what it is exactly, that i do love about this city...

I love St Kilda road in autumn with its beautiful changing trees and the rattling of a tram.

And the view of the city at night coming across the Bolte Bridge is second to none. The view going across the overpass through the Crown Tunnel on King street, looking back across Southbank is third to none...

I love the atmosphere in the city when something is happening.

...the beach at Bonbeach in the summer and the pubs in Mornington on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And that trams are free (!).

And it's awesome that my entrire family lives in this state.

I guess these things are all pretty superfical... and home is where-ever you make it, isn't it? Well, i suppose i choose Melbourne by default... i don't think i could leave for any length of time again, i've been infected (no, not by the dirty needle on Elwood beach). So happy anniversary Melbs, looking forward to the next 10 years!

Done by Mars


Adam said...


Whoa! 10 years. Who'da thunk you'd survive this long in the big smoke? i'm glad you love it in melbs, it's definitely my city of choice. I just can't imagine feeling so at home anywhere else.

Melbourne plus Mars,
Better by afars,
than any other city,
so sucked in Sydney,
boo to you Adelaide,
Melbourne has it totally made,
sorry 'bout that Perth,
givin' you the widest berth,
Brisbane sucked in bad,
and Hobart you're too sad,
Mars is here to stay,

Mars said...

What can i say?


DelightfulJen said...

Happy Melbiversary Mars!!

I have only been to Melbourne once but I really liked it. I really liked St Kilda (but I was only there for a couple of hours) and the city is so much better than Brisbane city.

I sounds really cool and I'd love to see more of Melbourne but I really really hate trams.

Mars said...

What's to hate about trams?! That's such a weird thing to hate... normally people hate the weather or something. Trams are iconic, they're what makes Melbourne different to the rest (er, except San Francisco- but theirs are just for novelty value).. Trams are such a great way to get around the city... though, out in the suburbs it does suck to get stuck behind one of them in the traffic. But overall, they're nothing to be hated. Dude!

DelightfulJen said...

Ok, to be fair the three days I spent catching trams they were doing major works which included digging up all the tracks through the main part of the city and there was also a huge protest which closed a lot of streets for a number of hours.

So my experience of trams is that they were VERY late, would just terminate and then started hurtling back in the other direction, and most of the routes we wanted to go on just weren't running for a week or so.

I guess trams were my scapegoat for other problems which they couldn't do much about. You've convinced me to give them another go :)

Adam said...

Good work Jen, give them one more shot. We used to take the tram everyday and it was fun. Sure most times you can walk faster, but they are somewhat delightful... especially the one from Port Melbourne.

Young Mars, I am very furious to report that actually many places have trams. Bendigo has like one, so we won't count that guy, but Hong Kong has trams and other places I've since forgotten about in my fury.