02 November 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm going to New York for a few months.

I will still write regulary but I might start lying and exaggerating because it makes for more interesting reading (and I don't want Duckie/The Intruder knowing everything.)

Love Dot



kiki said...


what about me/us??

Dot said...

miss you!
don't go catching anything before i get home, okay?

kiki said...

i'll be on a strict diet of frogurt and yoga so that when you return home (to me) i will be in tip top shape and finally be as flexible as you have always desired.

i will also be breathing excellently though using my upper, middle and lower lungs and i will have reached a level of relaxation previously unheard of.
but the mo would have been and gone.
when i shave it off, i'll save the hair for you!

Mars said...

The saving of the hair thing, keeks - it's been done.

DelightfulJen said...

New York? that's so awesome!!

Married? that's even more awesome!!

Are you getting married IN New York?!

What will Mars do without you?

P.S I apologise for the blatant overuse of exclaimation points, it's all very exciting.

Adam said...


Who to?

What's going on?!?

New York? Why?

Have you always had a boyfriend or is this a brand new person?

Woss gonna happen to Keeks/Mars?

P.S) Dearest Dot, I'll be most excited for you once I have these answers/lunch.

Adam said...

D'Jen, 5 is not blantant. A google of exclamation marks is blantant.