03 November 2006

Van Dam it's Friday!

I'm mildly drunk, and i'm feeling ripped off. Two more drinks and i'd be there, but this feeling i've got now sucks. It's like... you're about to orgasm, and then it's stolen from you in just one moment. A giant rip off where everything in the world is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

I must be more drunk than i thought, i'd never say that sober. Not that i'm actually saying it now, i suppose... i'm typing it. And you don't know me.

Yo, i'm ripping off D'Jen and Lulu in their 365 day self portrait project. I started on 1st Nov and am going strong. If you'd like to see my photos, and i deem you awesome enough/not likely to stalk me, you may email me for the link. mememars [at] hailmail [dot] net. Losers or people i'm likely to see hanging around the train station need not apply.

Done by Mars


kiki said...

rad gif

like, oh my god

Mars said...

i know!

kiki said...

i just realised

he and i dance the same way!

Mars said...

yeah? i just realised i wear my knickers like the woman with the pink ones!

Adam said...

So, how to you take the photo the same every day? Does it have to be framed in the same spot?

Enny said...

Your email is deflecting me =o(

I sent you one from EnnyPen@gmail.com to request it! =o)

Dave Mack said...

word. that is one of my favorite gifs ever

Mars said...

err... i'm sort of regretting this post..

adam, answer is: no. mostly i'm just getting half head or body part shots at the moment. i'm working up to the scary stuff.

enny, when it's all set up i'll let you know (if i don't decide to chicken out before then - nothing personal!)

mack, i knew you'd appreciate it