22 November 2006


The Libs were down at the station again this morning , along with their conservative mobile (not at all ironic that's it's a 4x4 and Big Ted's major shtick seems to be the water, water, water issue... not at all related to global warming and the excessive emissions (not to mention grossly inappropriate for city driving) this type of vehicle create. No.) But yes, this dude, Hartney has been out in force, and he seems pretty nice.

I've seen him up at the station, at the shops, there are Liberal Party banners and posters all over the place, and people have posters on sticks in their front yard.. Meanwhile, i don't even know the ALP local member's name!

Now before you all declare that this is merely a reflection on me, i'm not actually enrolled where i live, which is why the issue hasn't come up before now.

But i've seen no advertising from any of the other parties, i wouldn't even know if there was a Green or Independent in contention. And i'm loathe to say it, but this dude really deserves to win..

(Just looked up the ALP member and it's Janice Munt. I know her! She's been around for years, i think she came to see us when we were still at school...i thought her name was funny then, and interestingly, it's only mildly less funny now.)

Hmm... just looked at the boundaries for Mordialloc, and it appears we're on the wrong side of the highway to even be in that electorate. If that's the case, i have NO idea who's in the running. Problem solved, i suppose.

Not that i'm enrolled here anyway.

All i'm saying is that the Libs are the only ones campaigning, even if they're not my Libs, technically.

Done by Mars


Dot said...

i voted on monday! went to the consulate where they've actually set up one cardboard voting booth. i felt a bit silly standing in the booth in this big posh foyer.

but i also felt a bit Australian.

Enny said...

I think you should escape it all with a trip up to Brisbane!

Mars said...


But there's nothing i love more than a good election, Enny. Especially when by all indications, the Liberals wont win.

Hope i'm right... i've purposely left Saturday night free for my victory/comiseration bender.

Lulu said...

I do not vote...I used to have to do postal votes until I found out I could get out of it so I did...because doing a postal vote is a pain in the bum and usually involves having to go the embassy...and people at the Japanese Australian embassy are the least helpful ever!!

I don't have to vote here either...so I don't actually vote anywhere...

When I was a student living here I forgot to postal vote and they sent a fine to my mum and she wrote back and said she didn't know where I was so stop bothering her (well that's what she said to me)I don't know if she paid it or not!?

Enny- I think you still have to vote even if you go to Brisbane don't you?

Can I come to your party Mars?

kiki said...

hey mars
you can join us on saturday night. we'll be at some swish bar in the city celebrating the liberals landslide


Enny said...

I just saw a bit on the 'news' where the Lib guy was talking about how he was pumped, ready to be pumped and will pump anyone... I feel a lil sorry for him =o(

(Lulu - nup - it dun affect Canberra!)

Mars said...

PFFT keeks... i'll be dancing in the streets.

well, i probably wont, being as i'm feeling rat-shit today, so i might have to enjoy the victory from the comfort of my lounge room afterall.

Lulu, sure you can come to my party! but i didn't know i was having one.

Enny, yeah i do feel sorry for the people who don't get elected cause it'd be such a massive blow i rex...and they've all got families and stuff aswell. OH WELL.

Adam said...

So Lulu IN JAPAN gets invited to your party and I freakin' don't. You're a shocker Mars.

Also, for all those concerned. I still got no abs.

Mars said...

i'm not sure i'm even having a party. kiki's having a party...maybe he'll invite you..?

kiki said...

it's on saturday ad-man

you are welcome

Adam said...

Thanks dude. I'm even in Melbs on Saturday... except it's the girl's birthday and she's we're all going out in Brunswick st.

Hope you'll have a night of raddness.

kiki said...

it's during the day...