05 November 2006


There's a dead mouse in my kitchen. Why does this have to happen not even two days after Dot leaves, and i'm here on my own? Why?!

Fucking fuck, fuck fucking fuck.

I can cope with dead bugs, but this is an animal, and it's still got eyes that are open, and looking at me. Mwaaaah!

What has this place become.. A cemetry for dead animals or something?

Not coping, internet

Done by Mars


redcap said...

Handy vermin disposal hint: get a plastic bag, turn it inside out and use it to pick up the mouse. Then tie it in a knot and bin it.

Or just get a boy to do it.

DelightfulJen said...

Redcap is much braver than me.

I would get a broom and push it out the back door and keep pushing it as far as you can to the back of the yard. Hopefully from there some other creature will eat it or take it somewhere else.

I am much to much of a sissy girl to actually touch anything like that, through a bag or something or not.

Enny said...

I would use the dustpan to pick him up and put him in the green bin.

After having exhausted the option of nagging every other person in earshot to do it for me.