06 November 2006

Get this...

I'm going out in Frankston tonight.



What the hell does one wear to Frankston?

UP LATE UPDATE: Thankfully, i am missing the gene that makes it possible to rock out to cover bands. Those things should be illegal.


Done by Mars


Lulu said...

Where is Frankston exactley?

When you can't think what to wear jeans are a good bet...I think jeans solve all clothing dilemnas though!

Adam said...

Thongs, acid wash jeans and flannel. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not...

Lulu, Franga is waayyyy south of Melbourne, probably an hour away. It used to be quite a poor area with a whole lot of minor crime and one intersection with 4 nightclubs on it and another with a revolving dancefloor. Recently everyone has realised it's actually on the waterfront so now heaps of money has gone into the area.

Mars said...

hah hah ^ spot on. i love the way anyone from frankston will preface the statement "i'm from frankson" with "the good part.."

as if there is a good part!

it's still dodgey as hell... if you don't get your car stolen or into a street brawl, you're just not trying.

kiki said...

the revolving dancefloor rocks my jocks

Mars said...

the revolving dance floor could have been so good...

Martie said...

I really wish I had read this earlier.

I worked in Frankston for four years, I have an affinity for it.

I now feel like rocking out at Davey's, then going across the road and standing outside Kittens until they let me in.

Or not. Frankston, no matter how much they dress it up with shopping centres and marinas, etc, is a hole.

Mars said...

I was in Davy's, and let me just say... rocking out in that place is impossible.. my poor ears were tortured with The Worst Cover Band Evah. and the singer was this ugly little penis-like nugget who was giving out drink cards to girls at the front "cause you're hot.. and so are your friends!" what a fucker. the girls get so dressed up down there though.

and i STILL can't get over the screams of delight and arms in the air of the punters when that "band" started to play Jesse's Girl. ooh, and when i walked in, the DJ was playing dirrrrrrrrty by christina.

i felt like i was in a time warp.

Adam said...


Mex said...

yes but why were you there in the first place?

what exactly did you expect from a cover band in Frankston?

Mars said...

No, no more... not doing the time warp agggaaaaaaiiiin.

and i'm not really sure what i expected from Frankston... all i know is that i expected something more.. i've learned my lesson.