16 November 2006

So... not only is Kate Cebrano a completely crap singer, she also fraternises with the enemy.

Kiss me, kiss me, pash me..? GET FUCKED. And how 'bout you leave the wearing of the beret to us latte sippers.


Done by Mars


Dot said...

you've never drunk a latte in your life!

Mars said...

heh... that's true. but my point is good, non?

yo, you're going to miss the election. sort it, mate!

Chesty LaRue said...

I knew there was a reason I never liked her, but until this moment I assumed it was her involvement with The X Factor.


actonb said...

She's a scientologist... d'ya reckon that has anything to do with it?

kiki said...

ted for premier!

Dot said...

i went to the consulate to vote today but the man told me they didn't have ballot papers yet. apparently they are stuck in American customs so there is a delay. how annoying.

but i suppose freedom isn't free, and i should be happy i can exercise my right to vote next week.

Mars said...

Chesty/actonb, the X-factor situation was not good...but the scientology thing? that really explains it all. She's trying so hard to be a 'celebrity' i can't possibly take her seriously.

Kiki, i'm going to disown you if you ever say that again.

Dot, points for trying. why would ballot papers be held up in customs anyway? what are they afraid of...that the paper might be made of vegemite or something?