08 March 2009

Jade Goody.

England is obsessed with this individual at the moment... and so am i. Apparently she's going to die at any moment, which while tragic because of her age, actually doesn't afford me any particular sympathy toward the woman. In fact, i am having an extreme reaction towards her... while Sun readers 'leave Jade their special words of support', i sit back and vomit in my mouth.

The first problem i have with Jade Goody is that she shouldn't be famous in the first place. She is in my opinion, a vulgar human, and just because she's now terminally ill, doesn't really change that. If anything, it's actually accentuating her thorough vulgarity.

The fact that i even know what she's doing in these, 'her last weeks', is absolutely horrible. I can't understand why she doesn't have a bit of dignity and keep to herself about the matter. I dunno what she thinks, maybe that she's doing the world a favour 'raising awareness' about cervical cancer, and perhaps she is... but i doubt she's raising awareness so much as she's raising her bank balance. I mean, she admits she's selling her story to who ever will buy it in order to provide for her sons, but honestly... you really can't put a price on dignity, can you? What kid wants to grow up knowing that their mother basically sold herself while she was dying?

Fair enough, sell your wedding photos... if some one's dumb enough to buy them, fair dues. But honestly, baptising seven and five year old children is pretty weird... but have yourself baptised as well? Talk about covering all bases. And why, for the love of god, when it's still really quite cold in England, she's traipsing around Essex with no hat on that bald head of hers, is beyond me.

Vulgar in life, as well as near death... i don't know what more you'd expect i suppose. So i don't really have much sympathy for her, it is sad for those two kids, but honestly... what memory of herself is she leaving for them?


Enny said...

Yeah, I don't know.

I think she's realised that she's not got long to go at all, so she trying to do as much as she can to raise the money for her boys.

I don't think they'll think she did the wrong thing - they'll understand that she did all they could to help set them up for a life without their mum.

It was also reported that there's been a massive increase in the number of people getting screened for cervical cancer.

She loved the limelight in life, why should she have to stop now?

GiggleWorthy said...

My god that woman annoys the crap out of me!

When I was living in the UK, everytime I saw something with her on it (magazine, tv, etc) I just wanted to smash it!

Re the lack of dignity in her current (not to mention past) behaviour - very few so called 'celebrities' over there, display ANY class whatsoever. She's following a well established path, in the UK.

If her dying does raise awareness, then at least she wasn't a total waste of space, but that's about all she's got going for her, imo.

Original Mel said...

I hate her. And I hate the fact that now every time I say I hate her, I have to preface it with "but it's really sad she's dying of cancer".

There are lots of people out there dying of cancer who would make better role models, and yet the UK is happy to settle for Jade bloody Goody.

GiggleWorthy said...

"There are lots of people out there dying of cancer who would make better role models, and yet the UK is happy to settle for Jade bloody Goody."

Because mediocrity is something everyone can aspire to....

Much harder to be talented, intelligent, attractive or classy so why not take the easy way out and be a stupid, classless, talentless pig?

Jacob said...

It's her death and she can do with it what she pleases.

But yeah, those poor kids...

Original Mel said...

Giggle, it's not even mediocrity they're aspiring to. It's chav-ness. Everyone wants to be a 5 seconds of fame chav. Look at:-

* Lily Allen
* The Arctic Monkeys
* Every WAG there is
* Most UK "singers"
* All UK girl bands

Mediocre would be a welcome relief. Most of these people are famous for... what? Calling someone a "curry muncher" and not understanding why that is not cool? It's Andy Warhol's 15 minutes on crack, I tells you.

GiggleWorthy said...

"- it's not even mediocrity they're aspiring to. It's chav-ness."

Hmmm... I stand corrected - you are absolutely right.

Lily Allen shits me more then any other person in the world. I don't think there is anyone who deserves death and dismemberment more then her - no, not even Katie Perry. (It's a big call, but I stand by it).

Have you read Ben Elton's 'Blind Faith'? It's a bit of a rip off of 1984 in some ways, but it covers the current obsession with fame, exposing every detail of ourselves online and verious other things quite well, I feel.

audrey said...

Yup, Jade Goody is foul. I hate this obsession with her death. She was a small minded fucking chav in life and people are behaving as if death is somehow making her any better. Bleugh.

Also, Lily Allen is one of the worst examples of rich privileged kids chavving themselves up for some cred.

Dot said...

Well, she's dead now. I hope you're all happy!