17 July 2006

So you've come for 'the review' eh?

To be honest, i haven't spent much time with either Dot or Emo since their arrival suspiciously close together last night. CONSPIRACY THEORY. Dot and the Emo are on together... but they don't want me to know (yet), so they walk in 10 minutes apart. Viable, non?

Now before you all go off to bed tonight thinking i'm some sort of a ranting lunatic, let me just state my case and say...


The Emo started off on a bit of the wrong foot this morning. See, the life Dot and i lead is really quite convenient (to us). I go to work all day, and sleep all night. She sleeps most of the day, goes to uni in the afternoon and works some nights. So we really don't get in each other's way. Emo (poor unsuspecting Emo) had been ILL-ADVISED by Dot last night about the times that i am awake and using the bathroom in the mornings.

Thus and therefore, he felt my evil, evil, wrath.

I sat on the edge of my bed waiting, and waiting, and waiting for him to get out of the shower so i could go into the bathroom and finish getting ready. And when i could wait no more... i banged on the door and yelled...


Huh? Came the barely lucid reply


Oh... okay... sorry...

Poor Emo. Not his fault... but let this be a lesson to everyone... don't mess with Mars first thing in the morning.


DelightfulJen said...

I think that's perfectly understandable. I HATE when people interupt my bathroom using routine.

Hopefully he's a fast learner and you won't have to suffer the terrible inconvience again.

audrey said...

There's nothing more awkward than needing your toothbrush. Do you back in with your eyes squinted? Perhaps you should keep a spare in your room for such occasions. He probably won't do it again though.

Miss Natalie said...


Thats hilarious, i have my routine and feel lost when it's broken..

Jessie said...

I hear you on the routine. At least EMO isn't all passive aggressive and won't hold it against you. I once lived in a house of four girls, one of whom took marathon showers. I once knocked on the door to ask her to hurry put (nicely, too) and she came out all "Do you have a problem with me?" URGH. So not cool. At least, I hope Emo isn't like that...but he is, you know...emo..so he might go write a really sad song about it later.

Imelda said...

I'm a bit precious about my bathroom.

If I didn't have an en-suite I would be living alone without a housemate. Period.

I hope you've sorted the Emo out nicely, Mars.