12 July 2006

Well the boy was a giant disappointment. He came around last night to check out the place (and presumably, me) and instead of Brad Pitt (or equal equivalent) standing at my front door, there was a 19 year old fucking emo kid. I was mightily let down... i hate those little fuckers.

Not that they ever did anything to me, actually... I just hate all teenagers in general.

The other morning i was on the train, and there were these school girls going into the city for something. Anyway... they had EVERYTHING... and it was all better than anything i had. They had the fancy hair-cut with the foils, a better phone than me, a better digital camera than me, a better bag, better make-up and nails... and i bet at home they had a complete better wardrobe than me... with their un-cellulited arses. Bitches.

Man, i'm so depressed... think i'm gonna go and read some poetry or cut myself or something.


BEVIS said...

Oh, please go the poetry option. Cutting oneself is NOT GOOD.

kiki said...

cutting yourself is cool if you're emo

or post-modern

which are you Mars???
and which do you want to be??

Jess said...

Urgh, I so hear you on those teenage girls. Eh,don't worry, they'll prolly be knocked up by 18. ;-) (kiddin' of course)

Dave Mack said...

cut some poetry!

I've got the entire works of edgar allen poe just screaming to be shredded.

Miss Natalie said...


19 year old fucking emo kid

I feel for you! I would cut to the chase and show him the door

Chesty LaRue said...

Having lived with a 19 year old emo (he would hate me for calling him that) kid who used to leer at me and once had to be collected from the Cross at 3am after drinking so much no cab would take him home and the cops were threateing arrest him, I'd strongly advise you to run far away.

But if you're stuck with him - go the poetry. Make it really really bad. Then read it to him.

Enny said...

...His sadness should make you happy...

DelightfulJen said...

Cutting yourself will only make you as emo as him.

You should go tie dye all your bed sheets or paint rainbows on the walls of his room. He might turn to dust from all the happy vibes.

Maybe living with two normal, faitly weel adjusted girls he'll relaise he'd just being an immature little punk and get over himself. Emo kids annoy me also.

Imelda said...

He'll move in, borrow your hairdryer all the time and never give it back, you'll walk in on him wanking, and then you'll REALLY want to cut yourself.

ilse said...


Yeah I hate those little bitches too.

I hated those girls when I was in high school and I still hate their type now. Freeloading little sluts who get mummy and daddy to buy as much 'prestige creating' shit for them, in order to make everyone jealous and hate them. ... and then they reassure themselves everyone hates them because they're so popular or cool or soooo much more, like, mature??

Fuckin little whores. Can't wait for my ten year high school reunion. pftt.

Anyway the point is in reality, they are empty and shallow and boring, and they know it. That's why all the foils, ipods, teeny tiny school bags and short skirts. They're afraid no one will like the 'real them'.