25 July 2006

damn the man!

the man is trying to screw me out of $50! a week! i arrive at work last night to receive a message from the big boss saying that i'm only rostered to work FIVE hours on Sunday so could i stop working EIGHT because they are no longer going to pay me for EIGHT. accompanying this message is a photocopy of my roster which, indeed, says my rostered shift on Sunday is only FIVE hours long.

but i look at this roster and think SDKJFOWEJFODJFSLKDJFFLJKAOEU!!!! i never agreed to that. but yes, that is my signature at the bottom of the page. and then i think SDKFJOWEJFOSDJ OQWE and remember...

ten weeks ago i came into work during the day to speak to my boss about my new roster. she asked me to work an extra Saturday a month and i agreed. but when she brings out my new roster to sign i notice she has cut an hour off my Monday night shift. i complain, saying i agreed to take extra shifts, not have any of my other shifts cut. she tries to convince me to cut Monday. i say no. eventually she agrees to leave Monday as is and before my eyes writes out a new roster for me. i carefully look at Monday nights shift making sure it is how i want it and then sign it. done.

but it turns out while she put the hour back onto the Monday shift she also changed my Sunday shift taking off THREE HOURS. and i didn't notice because i was looking too closely at Monday and we never even discussed Sunday.

and i've been working EIGHT hour shifts on Sunday for the past ten weeks and nobody says anything to me until now.

and and and it's not fair!

so here are my options:

a.) ask boss for my three hours back when she gets back from holidays next week (and if this doesn't work then...)
b.) go to union and complain i was tricked into signing a roster with less hours
c.) fall into a deep depression and sue over something
c.) take the passive aggressive approach and call in sick for the next two months, thereby using up all my sick hours. and after two months i'll quit
d.) passive aggressive approach again, just work really slow and crap and stupid and then quit (am looking for fulltime job anyway now that i've mostly finished uni)


Dot said...

sorry, i just realised this post is boring.

Adam said...

Now that you've set the standard for your posts (ie, boring), I'm sure we'll all be super impressed when you do actually come up with an interesting one.

Adam said...

Actually, this is really bad, that's so sneaky and underhanded. I personally would organise a meeting with the lady and tell her that it was a dishonest thing to do and I expect it to be rectified immediately. If they resisted then I guess I would bite the bullet and tell them that I couldn't possibly work for a place that I can't trust.

It really is very low... do you work for a used car salesman, politician, lawyer or university administration?

Dot said...

so you thought about it for seven and a half hours and realised 'hey, that's not just boring, it's also bad!'?

but yes, i am going to tell them to give me my hours back or else... i won't respect them any more.

Adam said...

Like greased lightning I am. Greased lightning!

If you need us to drive past your boss's place and scream out "You suck" over the doof doof of our subwolfers, just put the word out.
We're ready!