09 July 2006

Dear god, i've just had a moment where the words of past teachers and my mother over the last 20 years have at last rang true. See, i've always been a swinger... a chair swinger and have been warned my fair share of times that i shouldn't do that, because the chair will break and i will fall off.

Well, sitting here perched on the edge of my computer chair, because all my clothes are taking up the space where my butt should be, it finally happened. After years of being nothing more than a threat in the league of "don't pull that face or the wind will change and you'll be stuck like that"... i finally, at 25 years of age...fell... well... off.

With a raucous THUD, i hit the deck in a more than convincing manner.


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Enny said...

I was one of many scared out of it in primary school by the story of the boy swinging on his chair who fell back onto the door and got a giant splinter stuck up through his neck and head.

Now let that (and the thump!) be a lesson to you.