26 July 2006

As a kid my dad would take my brother and i places. To Bunnings or the tip, to pick things up from his mate's places etc. Also, sometimes, if we were really good... he'd take us somewhere remotely kid-related. Like the movies, or to Science Works, the footy, or something like that. So we'd go, have a great day and be in the car on the way home raving and carrying like... well... excited children. And WITHOUT FAIL my dad would always make the comment.. there's no such thing as a free lunch! And before we knew it, we'd back back home mowing the lawn or something.

Anyway, today i proved my dad wrong when i landed myself a free lunch.
Quite by accident, i ordered my lunch from one of the cafe's near work and simply forgot to pay for it. I was too busy yakking away... the girl who gave me my sandwhich must have assumed that i'd paid the guy when i ordered. And let me just say that I'M NOT LOSING ANY SLEEP OVER IT. Small out-burst...but i think i deserve the lunch given the amount of money i spend in that shop every other day of the week.

Yes, so the whole incident was rather lucky, as it allowed me the luxury, this evening before pay day, to be able to afford something better for dinner than vegemite on toast. And thus, a truly gourmet meal was born. Moroccan chicken.



Adam said...

This post reminds me of the Wonder Years.

Steph said...

Why be sorry? A freebie is a freebie.
The dolts at Ikea gave me three free chairs. Yayy!

DelightfulJen said...

I love free stuff, especially when it's quality free stuff.

Hooray for a free lunch!

Adam said...

I miss Mars.
I miss Dot.

I haven't decided which one I miss more, probably the sweet one.