10 July 2006

He'd better look like this...
Exciting news kiddies... we're getting a boy. That's right... a real life boy!

Given the obvious lack of skills in the department of catching boys, both myself and Dot seem to suffer from, we have left the task in the capable hands of Dot's dad, who seemingly, has come through.

This kid needs some place to stay, is the story i'm getting. And now he's gonna stay with us. Dot, if you're reading this - sorry you had to hear the big news over the innernets... and hurry up and get home so i'm not left alone with the boy.

I don't know what to do with it!

(Dreadfully sorry about ye olde cliché pic of Brad here... but honestly, even at 40 years of age, he is still sex on legs)


DelightfulJen said...

How exciting!

I hope he's tidy, I hate messy boys.

Are you going to add him into the blog? DotandMarsandTheBoy?

Miss Natalie said...

I bet that pic was taken 8-10 years ago :-P

Mars said...

Hmm.. spoke to the new kid on the phone tonight.. not holding high hopes for a brad look-alike.

Judgemental, i know...but i think i'm willing to back myself on this one.

Nat, i know he looks really youndg in that pic... i wasn't going to put up a photo of 'my ideal male housemate' being a 40 year old man with three kids!