19 July 2006

Sad news this week. I've lost a friend.

My Favourite Scarf
17 Nov 2002 - 19 July 2006

Not Scarfy, a cheap fucking substitute, actually

I'm a bit bitter about losing Scarfy actually. I never lose anything. Ever. Let me reiterate. I never, EVER, lose ANYTHING. So it's hard to deal with when it happens. Which is why i'm bitter...

I was on the train, travelling to work yesterday morning and when i hopped on it was hot. So i took Scarfy off and put it on my lap. Time passes, i drift in and out of consciousness and i arrive at the station i need to get off at.

I get up from my seat.

I get off the train.

I go up the escalator and through the barriers.

I panic!

I look in my bag.

"Where's Scarfy gone?" i think to myself

I fear the worst

I go back down to the platform

I realise the worst is true!


Alas, Scarfy is still on the train, and i am not.

I mean, it wasn't an expensive scarf. I bought it at Penney's Dun Laoghaire store when i was in Ireland. For those of us playing at home, i guess i would equate Penney's with... hmm... Best and Less. But it was a niiiiice scarf... fluffy, not itchy... the perfect length... and best of all, it matched my hat.

Scarfy actually had matching purple gloves and a hat too... but they're long gone. I can definitely remember losing atleast one glove in Amersterdam (which totally doesn't count in the 'things i've ever lost' tally!)... i guess the others were stolen or something. (YES, someone stole one glove and a hat that never looked any good)

Anyway, the thing that pisses me off the most about the whole situation... On the way home, this woman was hopping off the train and she'd left her umbrella on the seat... About 5 people called out after her to tell her she'd left her lousy, uninteresting, characterless, insipid, black fucking umbrella behind.

Where were these assholes telling me i'd dropped Scarfy?


Chesty LaRue said...

I feel your pain.

A good scarf is so very hard to find. The biggest mistake you can make now is trying to replace scarfy with something similar - I always do that when I lose something I like and substitute is always a mistake. It kinda looks like the orignial, but it's scrathier/uglier/less perfect in every way.

kiki said...

people didn't tell you because people are assholes

i am good at losing things, but then them turning up later when not needed

for example, my passport. i lost it somewhere between Amsterdam and Gent and didn't find it again until i'd weasled my way through customs and arrived back in London...

Adam said...

They didn't want the umbrella.

Have you thought about moving to Brisbane for the next couple of months? I'll introduce you to the 6 other sunshine kissed people inhabiting this capital city.

Jessie said...

At least you didn't put your ipod in the washing machine.

Not that I know anyone stupid enough to do that.

(only myself)

I feel your pain.

Mars said...

Clarue, It was tricky, but i think i've found a new scarf that's going to be oh-kay. I couldn't just not replace scarfy...i was so cold! I actually bought two new ones... we'll see if they stand the test of time, i suppose.

Keeks, you are correct, as usual. People ARE complete assholes. You seem like the type of person who could talk their way out of everything, actually... Aussie passports are pretty useless anyway, if anyone found it they'd prolly hand it in. If i found a good one.. like a UK one or something, i'd go and get surgery...

Adam, funnily enough, i haven't thought about moving to Brisbane for the next couple of months...why would i? interestingly i suppose, i have actually been thinking about moving to sydney the last few weeks. Are you trying to read my mind or something, and the interpretation just got a little bit lost?

Jessie, does the pod still work? They seem pretty resilliant. Oh well, just get a new one...those shuffles are cheap. OR, and even cheaper option would be to have your mum find you and ipod, like mine did...