08 July 2006

My day so far...

10am - Woke up
10.20am - Turned Video Hits on
11am - Got up after talking on the phone for half an hour
11.10am - Had shower
11.30am - Got out of shower and got dressed
11.40am - Turned on computer
12.30pm - Had sore back/brain so went for a little lie down
12.35pm - Fell asleep again
2.55pm - Phone rang
3.30pm - Got off phone and back on computer
3.40pm - Started this post
3.53pm - Posted this post

Essay still = 0 ....yet
Asshole also = 0



Dot said...

wow, the standard of this blog has really improved since i left.

i like it.

Mars said...

I assume you're being sarcastic, Dot. Others may not, but years of experience bring me to conclude that, in fact, you are.

I don't know what else you would expect from me. I'm just blogging the best way i know how! And i feel like i'm doing okay... meeting my part of the bargain.

You owe me.

Ooh, and PS. I found more travel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the shops today. Too bad you already left...

Enny said...

10:30 wake up
11:30 sleep again
01:00 get up
01:20 eat packed of dry noodles
01:30 attend phone hookup
03:15 return home
03:20 turn on laptop
08:36 realise something more should have been acheived on a Saturday...

Mars said...

I'm actually wondering if 8.52pm is too early to go back to bed.

The internerd has sucked the life out of me today.