26 July 2006

mid-week nostalgia
on Saturday night i was home enjoying a quiet drink while writing stupid comments on people's blogs (sorry if you got one!) and at around midnight my sister and three of her friends burst into my house and into my room and ask if i wanted to 'go out'. they were wearing high school uniforms having just attended a fancy dress 21st birthday. the whole situation was so beautifully random i couldn't say no.
so i got into the backseat of a car, with my sister and her high school friend who was looking very familiar in her high school uniform, while a nineteen year old boy looking very comfortable in his high school uniform rode shotgun (19 year old boys seem to be a theme in my life a the moment) and an investment banker dressed as a high school boy drove. and we headed on into the city.
they wanted to go to CLUB A* but got a few texts from friends saying it was impossible so nineteen year old piped up and said we should go to CLUB B** instead. so we did. stupidly. as we walked into the place my sister's comment summed up the scene pretty nicely, "Geez, I didn't realise it was 'come as your favourite piece of meat' night." there was a lot of titties on display and we all looked very out of place (although the school uniforms worked slightly better than my jeans).
so it was pretty tragic and horrible and we had to drink through the pain... and the most memorable part of the evening was sitting near the bar and a guy tapping me on the shoulder. i turn to look at him, "Yes?"
he says, "Take this." and he hands me a shoe.
i take the shoe.
he says, "Throw it away."
me, "Why?"
he says, "It's a joke. Do it. It's our mates but he doesn't need it. So throw it!"
so i threw the shoe away, down the stairs and onto the dance floor. i then turned further around to see his mate's reaction and see... a guy sitting in a wheelchair looking kind of amused but also kind of annoyed.

and i must admit i really don't know what the appropriate response is in this situation.

* GPOs (i've never been here... and i never want to, do i?)

** Billboards... gah! gah! save me!


Mars said...

You're a monster!

Mr. Mitch said...

Obviously the appropriate response is to fashion him a new shoe out of drink coasters to replace his old one.

Dave Mack said...

haha lucky you. You got to go to the rankest venues in town.

âlso what mitch said is just plain common sense

Adam said...

Whoa! There are so many good meats to choose from, it's really blown my mind to think of the possibilities.

I think I would have totally gone as Cajun chicken or honey baked turkey, but probably not done much about it until the last minute then only Strassburg would have been the only thing left at the fancy dress store.

Also, what Dave Mack said in reference to Mr Mitch's comment is pretty dead set, straight up, spot on.

Enny said...

You can thank him for giving you a good reason never to return to that dive.

(Don't you love the way I sound like I know what I'm talking about when I've never even heard of that place?!)