11 July 2006

My friend and i both think this kid a work is pretty sexy. Which is fine, but it's a bit of a problem see, cause neither of us are delicate wilting wallflowers, and the boy is... well... a complete squirt. He's so little and cute, i could fit him in my back pocket.

But the thing is, he has such a deep, manly voice. It's very confusing... i feel like i'm perving on a 13 year old with the voice and personality of a 26 year old... talk about sensory overload. So while Stuart Little is nice a pie, a great dresser, well travelled, easy to talk to etc and so forth, he is about the size of my left leg.

(And i am reminded of this pic that came around when Casey Donovan beat Anthony Callea on Idol..)
Which poses the question... how low would you go?

I am 5'10" which is pretty tall for a girl... so usually i would say the lowest i'd go would be the same height as me. Lots of girls want someone taller than them, so when they wear heels, they're still shorter... but i don't wear heels much, and if i'm only taking applicants over 6ft, well that is certainly (and somewhat unnecessarily) narrowing down the field.

You know, i've never really thought about why we (as humans) tend to like our girls shorter than our men. I mean, with so many short men around these days... maybe the look Stuart Little and i would have is the way of the future. I'm so post-modern.

Anyhoo... ladies, lads... tell me... how low would you really go?


Jessie said...

I once dated a guy who was about the same height as me (5'6"). Forget about wearing heals, even just flats would make me slightly taller then him. The reasons we broke up had nothing to do with tallness, or lack thereof, but everything to do with the fact that he had a sucky attitude. That being said, I do prefer a taller guy. Can't really say why though. In the end, I think it is all about personality. Word.

Steph said...

I'm a shortarse and i can not date someone shorter than me...which would be hard but not unheard of.
I like my guys BIG :P

Dave Mack said...

I am not small and I am not a girl so I have no idea what you're talking about.

kiki said...

i'm 6'1
i dated a girl that was taller than me onceand she was a cunt

so i now don't date girls taller than me, but i don't really care

i'll go for anyone so long as they have a great personality, thats all that matters to me

DelightfulJen said...

I was thinking of blogging this exact same thing!!

I am also 5'10" and I would have a huge problem with anyone less then 6ft. I suppose I have been spoiled as my ex as 6'5" so I really enjoy the chance to feel short around someone.

I so agree it narrows the field, especially since I am most keen to find someone who is overly tall, there isn't too many guys like that.

I don't know why I am so hung up on the height thing. I guess because I have always felt like the tallest girl, and in most cases I am, that I have the very 'primal' urge to have a mate who is bigger and stronger than me.

Or maybe it's a biological thing so that you naturally choose produce children with someone who is bigger than you to get the strongest/healthiest children possible.

It's also possible I am just making it all these theories, but they do make sense when you think about it.

Chesty LaRue said...

I'm 5'7" and a bit, and have gone out with a guy who was my height, but never shorter. Most guys I go for are taller than me. Just because it's nicer that way - I can't explain why and it's an interesting question.

Some short guys I've met do have 'short guy syndrome' where they feel they have to compensate for being short with over-the-top personalities, which can be a bit off-putting. But it's not got a lot to do with why I don't fancy them.

Good question. I'll be pondering it for a while now.

Pomgirl said...

I'm 5"2 and would have to date Danny Devito if I wanted to go out with anyone smaller than me. My boyfriend is 6"2 and I do think we make quite an odd-looking couple but also find him being a 'big guy' really attractive. I suppose this is because he makes me feel girly and dainty and protected by his manly presence ;)

Miss Natalie said...



I wont! Refuse to!

After watching SATC i just hear Samantha saying 'it was like fucking a smurf'

BEVIS said...

Mars, email me.

Don't worry, it's not about the topic of your post! :)


Imelda said...

I'm 5'10" as well. I draw the line at the same height and won't go any lower. I can't really say why, except for the fact that I feel really unco if I'm taller than the guy. Completely shallow, but I can live with it.

Mars said...

Jessie- Word indeed sistah. But if you met a guy who was only 5ft high.. i bet suddenly it'd be about more than personality! (not that i'm having a go at you..it'd just make you think twice, is all i'm saying) :)

Steph- Short people are evil. Honestly, they have short legs, which make clothes-makers think it's ok to make clothes with short legs. This is not OK with me.

Mack- You must have an opinion. How do you feel about a chick being much taller than you? Or do you quietly smirk to yourself when you see a bit of an odd couple?

Keeks- Jebus, you're 6'1"...how big was this girl?! Were you going out with Lauren Jackson or someone..ooh, or one of those Venus Williams people?

Jen- Hey, what can i say? My finger is on the blogger-pulse and i write the stories the people want to read! (ps don't think i haven't noticed you've taken me off your links... pfft!)

Clarue- There is nothing worse than men with little-man syndrome. Big ego on a small man... I sometimes get attitude from little men, i think they feel their masculinity is being threatened cause i'm bigger (and better) than them... Who knows?

Pommy- You are a shrimp too, and therfore evil (like Steph). Imagine though, if you were a whole foot taller than your bloke... people would look at you as though you were a real freak!

Nat- 4 inch heels? You're a better woman than me, my friend.

Bevis- email sent...and let me just say that i am curiouser than the cat.

Im- As usual, a woman who's made up her mind and not about to budge! Love it...

BEVIS said...

Sorry to get you all 'curious'! As you'd know by now, it wasn't anything exciting. Just updating my address book. I'm trying to get the email addresses of certain bloggers who don't have their email visible on their profile page.

Only with their permission, of course!


Dave Mack said...

Well to tell the truth I did date a 5"2 girl for a while and it was awesome.

I am definately into chicks my height or smaller.

Miss Natalie said...

totally forgot i posted this a while ago