05 July 2006

I have two things to say:

Trainer Bob i declare to you, my hetro-sexuality. Do you declare the same to me? You are so awesome, and i am so very ordinary. Together we can make above average babies!


Olè! Olè! Go team Italy!
For the first time since the World Cup started, i actually give a damn. I went in a sweep at work, picked Italy and now stand to win 90 bucks if they win. Viva Italia!
Feelin' hot, hot, HOT!


Miss Natalie said...

OMG! You go and get that guy!

Read this one :-)


DelightfulJen said...

I am so very in love with Bob.

He's just so wonderful. I also love that I am so disappointed he is gay, because that's the only thing stopping us running away together.

I am such a loser :)

Dave Mack said...


Mars said...

Am i a traitor for loving Trainer Bob (as opposed to...davemack) or for still wanting Italy to win in spite of the...incident?

Come on davemackman, there's 90 bucks on the line!

PS. Jen, he's gay? Are you sure? Like, really sure?

Dave Mack said...

traitor for loving bob of course. haha