18 July 2006

Well, i am feeling a bit famous really. The internet has got/is getting its fair share of Mars at the moment. The insatiable Adam has done interviewed me, which is up on his site... they were good questions, so i think we'll make a Rove McManus out of him yet seeing as he's not affraid to ask the hard ones! So yes, feeling a bit spesh...

And Imelda has done gone and tagged me with a meme. She's right, i am a meme virgin, in that no-one has ever tagged me before. So that was nice, i guess... Here is it...

The five things meme

In my handbag
Wallet, keys, glasses, diary, phone. Crazy stuff!

In my fridge
Cheese, left-over pasta bake, green apples, mayonaise maybe and milk

In my closet
Shoes, hanging clothes, folding clothes, bags, misc. junk

In my car
Empty bottles, clothes, cd's, black boots and amniotic fluid residue from that time my friend went into labor on my front seat

I tag Delightful Jen and Natalie, cause i think there's a fair chance they might do it!

Other than that... well i had my yearly performance review at work this week. Those things are such management wank. Honestly it was like reading a school report. Anyway, according to this, i (Mars), am "emotionally intelligent". What the fuck that means, i do not know. My manager is actually quite a nice guy, but he's right up there with the management-wank-speak. Come on, we all know what it is. If i have to hear the phrase "moving forward..." one more fucking time i'm going to poke my eyes out with blunt pencils.

In the good news though, i am getting a nice bonus so who am i to complain. Emotionally intelligent... well, i'm not quite sure i am that at all, given that tonight i'm feeling a bit emotionally ordinary actually... but whatever, as long as i get my pay rise they can call me whatever they want.

Hah, yesterday at work i was left a little present on my desk by a little fairy. Wanna know what it was?

It was a mint, in the shape of a penis.

Hilarious, non?


kiki said...

you honestly like rove macmanus??

that explains your enjoyment of the american Office

you've changed Mars, you used to be cool...

im kidding
you're alright
and i'll continue to enjoy your blog, but i won't agree to your beliefs on the above to topics

kiki (your cyber friend)

kiki said...

p.s. thanks for tagging me

i thought we were friends Mars???

Adam said...

I still like you Kiki....

In other news,

They just called you emotionally intelligent?

But, but, aren't you ambidextourously intelligent? Aren't you caringly clever? Passionatelifully smart? Intelligentally emotionally alright? Clarifyingly okay?
Drones!! Management today, etc.

Was it a penis mint or an after penis mint?

Mars said...

Keeks, no i honestly don't like rove mcmanus. Did you honestly beleive i did?

Don't knock the american office.

I am cool!

Phew. I'm glad i'm okay again.

PS i really didn't think you'd want to be tagged to do a meme on the contents of your man-bag. Was i wrong??? i thought i was doing you a favour...

Adam, thank god you still like kiki... he might have been sad.

They called me "emotionally intelligent" amongst other things...

I'm not sure about the recommended serving suggestions for the mint penis. All i know is that i wasn't eating that thing.

Miss Natalie said...

i'll get on to it today ;-)

ilse said...


I too hate that MEANINGLESS DRIVEL they call 'management speak.'

"Can you action this immediately?"
"Let's look at a way we can synergise the needs of our client base with the needs of our teambase, to produce a positive outcome for both."


Dave Mack said...

I also dislike phrase immensely!

This is because he graffitoed my face while I was passed out one evening after a rap show. Ilse knows what I'm talking about.

Also his music is boring.