02 July 2006

Hey, how cool is it when you're driving through the city, and you pull up to a set of lights and look into the car next to you... and it's Derryn freakin' Hinch! So cool.

So. Cool.

Talk about celebrity sighing. So... anyone know how to do a rego check to see if it's actually his car?


Dave Mack said...

That is indeed cool.

Derrin Hinch's beard rocks my world!

Miss Natalie said...

Damn it! I only see John Laws :-(

Jessie said...

Who is Derryn Hinch?

Mars said...

Hehe.. oh Jessie, you poor can-didian soul. Check him out on wikipedia, but i guess you had to have been around back in the early 90's when he was on A Current Affair or one of those shows. Her just an arrogant and controversial 'personality' who's been around for years and years.

I'm Derryn Hinch, and that's life.

Ooh, PS... davemackman, your mo rocks my world..
And Nat - John Laws? Same difference!