10 July 2006

I'm about to make a really controversial call here... brace yourselves...

I think that the American version of 'the Office' is AS GOOD as the UK version.

GASP. I know.


audrey said...

No. No.




Okay, so it has occasional flashes of funny, but generally it's a whole world of suck.

Martie said...

I watched it last night.

And I laughed a bit.

But Ricky Gervaise is the ultimate hottness and totally makes that show.


Martie said...

And even though I am drunk on a Monday night, I would still lay down for Ricky Gervaise if I was sober.

Dave Mack said...

Its ok and it IS growing me.

kiki said...

get fucked

it's nowhere near as good

excuse my abuse, but this is one topic i am hotly passionate about

british office is, and always will be, the shit

i've got every episode on dvd if you want to borrow and watch it sometime...

DelightfulJen said...

I agree, Mars.

I am not a HUGE Office fan, but I have seen a very large number of episode as the ex was a masive fan.

I like the style of humour in the British version, and Ricky Gervais. The American version though is quite good though, considering the American adaptation of almost all international things is normally tragic.

Mars said...

Okay, you opinionated little feckers...

Audrey, i'm not even going to argue with you, other than to say, the American version isn't "a whole world of suck" - i think you're being too harsh.

Martie, Ricky Gervais has fucked teeth and it puts me off. Like, gingervitis or something.

Mack, as always, i can trust you for a voice of reason.

Keeks, besides me calling Mack a cunt on my first ever comment on his blog - never before have i heard such abusive language in a comment! (nice work) I have actually seen the whole series(es) of the UK Office... i'm not saying they weren't good too!

Jen, another voice of reason... i guess you have to keep everything in context, and it's good that you have pointed out how crap we all expected the American version to be. (and isn't it great that it's not!)