12 June 2006

Well hello there! Being the techno-whiz-kid i am, i thought i'd get this blog rolling. Whiz-kid... now there's a term you don't hear used very often anymore. Shame really, it's pretty cool... i suppose occasionally you'll need to call in the 'computer whiz' at work... but that's really the extent of it.

That said, i suppose our title says it all. Dot and Mars, one house, one blog. I'm the funny one, and she's the sexy one... or something. Sorry Dot, i'm sure you wont like that label.

For a more in depth look into our exciting lives, you will need to refer to our fridge door. There are all sorts of answers hidden in this picture... much like the Da Vinci Code. It's up to you, faithful follower, to unravel the mystery...

Dot and Mars, friends for almost 10 years. At last we are one... in the form of a blog.


Steph said...

Ah I'm fecking crap at codes! Who are youuuuu???

Oh and did you buy the spatular yet?

Steph said...

P.S I had to be first. I'm such a famewhore!!!