18 June 2006

Dear Dot,

I'm sorry i didn't do all the things i said i was going to do today.

I didn't sweep, vacuum or mop the floors
I didn't clear my clothes out of the sun-room
I didn't do the dishes
I didn't clean the bathroom
I didn't cook dinner
I didn't make nice treats for our lunches
I didn't wash my sheets
I didn't dust
I didn't do any shopping
I didn't actually leave the house
I didn't even get dressed properly
I didn't do any readings
I didn't start my essay
I didn't iron my work clothes
I didn't write anything worth reading on the blog
I didn't empty the bins
I didn't write my memoirs
I didn't feed the dog
I didn't try to wear in my new boots sensibly
I didn't unpack my clothes
I didn't set up the tv properly
I didn't wash the towels
I didn't go for a walk
I didn't moisturise
I didn't do much, really.

I did, however, practice my commando rolls in the backyard wearing my new camouflage army pants. And i looked good! I may have pulled my hammy though.

Hope you're not too desperately disappointed in me.


Steph said...

Amazing. You planned on doing ALL THAT? Feck me dead, you's ambitious. Well done for thinking about it anyway.

Dot said...

i'm used to being disappointed in you, Mars.
actually, when i came home last night i noticed some things had been re-arranged so just assumed you’d been busy busy all day, but i didn’t do a dust check.

and then when I hung out the clothes on the line this morning i saw the marks in the grass where you’d been doing your commando rolls.

btw – whose dog were you planning on feeding?

Dave Mack said...

If only "disappoint dot" was on that list. Then you could have achieved one thing to be proud of.