13 June 2006

Does anyone else find the wearing of our national flag... as a cape... at all wrong?

I get it. Sport. National pride. Oz. Whatever.

And i'm not exactly sure why, but i object.


Dot said...

hey Mars, who are you talking to? we sure as hell haven't got no readership so i'll have to assume that question is directed at me.

flag capes are cool.

Mars said...

Glass half full attitude... i can only hope someone will come along and engage me...

Dot said...

we don't need readers when we've got each other.

Dave Mack said...

Hi dot and mars.

I think its unfortunate that the Australian flag has been tarnished by the cronulla riots and john howard.

I think the yobbos of this nation should be forced to go back their flag-wearing "L Plates". I.e. yobs should only be able to wear flags the size of a tea-towel or less, until they learn to behave themselves properly with them on.

And then they should advance to their "P's" i.e. they can wear the flag but they can't drink.

wegglywoo said...

i tend to agree with you about the whole wearing-the-flag-as-a-cape thing. it made me uneasy during the commonwealth games seeing ppl using the flag as not only a fashion accessory, but a picnic rug, too.

i agree with dave mack: since its tarnishing in the days of one nation and the recent cronulla riots, our flag deserves a bit of dignity, for a change.

run it up a pole and salute it; don't wear it like you're superaussie or something.

Mars said...

See Dot, what did i tell you? Build it, and they will come.

dave mack, wegglywoo; let's be friends.

You are absolutely correct, John Howard has tainted the Australian flag. In fact, i would go as far as to say he has tainted the Australian image on whole. The thought of being "Australian" according to him (or unAustralian for that matter) makes me want to vomit, scoop it up, eat it, and vomit again. As for the Cronalla roits... if those morons would please try to avoid appropriating our national flag as their symbol of "white pride", i would be mighty grateful.