21 June 2006

too drunk to post...

give me the keys now you're too drunk to blog
you said it's all because of me
tilting your head so you can catch me eye
promising things i don't believe

oh Bodyjar you touch my teenage heart.

which is sadder?
a) Mars going to the movies to see >PG rated film that i promised i wouldn't dob her in for seeing... hint: it's about a "17-year-old gymnast with a strong rebellious streak"< (how old is too old for films set in American high schools?) b) Dot staying home alone with a bottle of red to blog on. at the moment i really like the snogs:
tiga - (far from) home
spank rock - bump
ladytron - the witching hour
the herd - unpredictable
mates of state - fraud in the '80s
johnny boy - you are the generation that brought more shoes
datarock - sex me up
panda band - >that new snog<

but the problem is i don't think any of the albums would be worth buying... anyone? i think i'll wait for them to be released together on a mix tape.

listening to: the gossip
reading: 'volume one of a compleeing fantasy saga by a magical new talent - Daggerspell'. it's not that great, but i'll have to read the next ten volumes now i've started.
watching: now that Survivor has finished i just live between episodes of 'Extreme Makeover'
looking forward to: the Northern Territory
depressed about: probably not graudating for ANOTHER YEAR because of winter semester timetable clash
dreading: visiting crazy Nan on Friday
guilty: for dreading visiting Nan
thinking about: Blane (His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!)
looking good in: my new FLURO GREEN jumper... (Mars doesn't believe me when i say FLURO is the next black)
hating: fake boobs (i'm not a hater or anything but)
admiting: Mars is a better blogger than me

i'm going to pass out now.


Enny said...

I wanna seee that movie...!

Mars said...

You're a drunk eejit. Go to bed!