13 June 2006

five hours and twenty-eight minutes!

when Mars was setting up this blog this afternoon i asked her how long she reckoned until Steph commented on it. she thought a few weeks. well, it took five hours and twenty-eight minutes! is that some kind of record?!!?!?
(i suppose the link helped...)

anyway, i'm Dot. long time commenter, first time blogger.
i always thought blogs were for people with narcissistic tendencies yet who were too introverted or ugly to be popular in society. actually, i still think that. only now i'm being a little more honest about my own ugly struggles with narcissism… and i hope this site will be a good forum to help me work through these issues.

listen at me! value my opinion! validate my desires to get breast implants!


Steph said...

Bahahaha! I'm the eyes and ears of teh internets! I can sniff a blog out at fifty paces....or sumthin'.

Blogging is like self felating or public masturbation. We're all narcisistic wankers, and whoever says otherwise is a narcisistic, wanky LIAR!!


Mars said...

Steph - you are a blog-o-maniac like no other. I dunno how you do it... but your finger sure is on the blogger pulse, my friend!

Dot said...

now we just wait for Jobe to arrive...